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  austin - 11/03/06 07:13
  I only have step2 CS and CK ready. Passed on first attempt Working on Step 1.
US observership and 2003 grad. Is it worth applying for the match now without ecfmg certificate. Anyone who has applied with only one step? Any interviews? Plse share you experience.
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* Re:Tell me....
  diamapache - 11/03/06 10:03
  Hi Austin:
I'm on the same situatuion, didi my CK on sept and CS on july so I had results after I applied. I will do step 1 on dec. I hope we r not so late,many people on forum told me to apply as soon as possible without scores so I applied to 37 prog, still no IV coz they want to see ur step 1 first. My advice is to apply, and if we dont get any IV we still have the scarmble and by that time we'll be certified. Its better to apply and try to get something, than just sit down and complain about our bad luck for not been certified by this time! Go ahead!!
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* Re:Tell me....
  austin - 11/05/06 23:17
Thanks for your reply. How far have you gone with your prep? Where about are you located? I too intend to give my exam in Dec, do you need someone to do the last revision with?
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* Re:Tell me....
  pakipower - 11/05/06 23:21
  if u have good scores and can manage to get your certification before rank order list then why not ... Go ahead and apply  
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