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* Bluetooth, Kita, Emam
  pinkyvenky - 11/03/06 09:19
  Does Celevland Clinic Peds program sponsor H1/J1?  
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* Re:Bluetooth, Kita, Emam
  emam - 11/03/06 09:25
yes it does sponsor H1.
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* Re:Bluetooth, Kita, Emam
  emam - 11/03/06 09:26
  and this is more about their criteria.

Pediatric Residency Program
Applicant Guidelines for International Medical Graduates

Following are the guidelines to identify applicants to be interviewed and possibly considered for final rank list or appointment:

Graduate of accredited/approved medical school.
Must be ECFMG certified by February 20, 2007 or date by which we submit out final rank list in order to be considered in final rank list.
U.S.M.L.E. Scores for Part 1 and 2 must be:
80 minimum (U.S. experience and/or Pediatric experience a positive)

Pass all Qualifying Examinations on first attempt, including USMLE Part 3, if applying for an H1b Visa.
Must have cleared qualifying exams by December 15, 2006 if requesting an H1b visa. This includes USMLE Parts 1, 2, and 3 and the CSA exam.
No unexplained gaps in training or practice.
One year or more of recent Pediatric clinical experience preferred. Pediatric clinical experience in the U.S. is preferred. (Research & Observerships do not qualify.)
Be prepared to do 3 years residency training in Pediatrics.
(No short-tracking or Credit for Previous Training)

Be able to come to Cleveland to interview.
Should be able to begin training by the start date on appointment letter or else the contract becomes invalid.


The deadline for the receipt of completed applications is December 31, 2006. Only applications submitted through ERAS will be reviewed.
U.S.M.L.E. TRANSCRIPTS are required.
Currently, the Cleveland Clinic is supporting both J1 and H1b visas.
Dean’s letter, plus 3 letters of recommendation are required. (At least 2 strong letters of recommendation from Pediatric faculty with whom the applicant has worked clinically.)
Previous residencies or professional practice must be in Pediatrics.
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* Re:Bluetooth, Kita, Emam
  pinkyvenky - 11/03/06 09:28
  Thanks emam. btw, has ccf invited u for peds?  
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* Re:Bluetooth, Kita, Emam
  emam - 11/03/06 09:29
  i didn't apply to Ohio programs at all.  
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* Re:Bluetooth, Kita, Emam
  pinkyvenky - 11/03/06 09:33
  Just went thru the criteria emam. I dont meet some of the 'musts' mentioned here. one of them is passing step3 by december 15. I want H1 and I am not sure if not having step 3 result by dec 15 is going to work against me. What do you think?  
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* Re:Bluetooth, Kita, Emam
  emam - 11/03/06 09:37
  i truly have no idea.if you got intv there you should definetely go there...everything becomes negotiable if they like give it a try!  
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* Re:Bluetooth, Kita, Emam
  pinkyvenky - 11/03/06 09:39
  thanks emam. yes, i have been invited.  
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