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* very very urgent
  nucleus - 11/03/06 10:28
  i gave my step 1 on 2nd september this credentials are not verified so my result is late but i have been able to reapply for step 1 what does it mean am i fail plz help i am very nervous
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* Re:very very urgent
  nucleus - 11/03/06 10:33
  plz any body  
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* Re:very very urgent
  saurav_sphs - 11/03/06 10:37
  what u have done is the "oasis trick".it is not full proof-but usually u dont get a chance to register for a program if and only if u fail............but it has been known to be wrong.............all the best and keep praying.  
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* Re:very very urgent
  saurav_sphs - 11/03/06 10:38
  i am sorry-i meant if u pass-u cant re-register................  
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* Re:very very urgent
  honulu - 11/03/06 10:38
  cant say till u get result...just relax u r self and hope for the best.  
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* Re:very very urgent
  jennyy - 11/03/06 10:38
  if your eligibility period expired in Nov, then it does not mean anything if your oasis is not updated yet. if oasis is updated, then probably you failed.  
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* Re:very very urgent
  vitriol102 - 11/03/06 10:41
  Nucleus, let me get this straight... you took your Step 1 exam on Sept 2nd BUT did not get your result? If so,

Additional resources:

2. See on ERAS if your USMLE transcript has been uploaded.

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* Re:very very urgent
  nucleus - 11/03/06 10:42
  ya my oasis is not udated
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* Re:very very urgent
  vitriol102 - 11/03/06 10:43
General Inquiries & Correspondence

Contact Applicant Information Services at:

3624 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2685 USA

Always include your USMLE/ECFMG Identification Number, if one has been assigned, when communicating with ECFMG.

TEL: (215) 386-5900
(Telephone assistance is available between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.)
FAX: (215) 386-9196
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* Re:very very urgent
  godschild - 11/03/06 12:28
  hi, if ur OASIS is not updated, then, u shouldn't worry. u should try to register only when it gets updated n then, see what happens..although it's not always of luck..  
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* Re:very very urgent
  pakipower - 11/03/06 13:46
  Does result delay has any association with credential verification ?? i dont think so. if u have not received your result u must FAX the ecfmg, only then they will be able to re-sent it.

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