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* the fate of drs in us
  drdigi - 11/03/06 11:35
  TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Doctors are exhausted. They're burned out. The stress of their work is causing marital and family discord. And more than half of the physicians who participated in a recent survey are so fed up that they have considered leaving the practice of medicine altogether. Those are just a few of the findings of the 2006 American College of Physician Executives' Physician Morale Survey. The survey findings are being reported in the November/December issue of The Physician Executive Journal of Medical Management. Here's a
sampling of what the survey found: -- Nearly 60 percent of the 1,205 physicians who participated in the survey have considered leaving the practice of medicine because they're discouraged over the state of U.S. health care today. -- Almost 70 percent said they actually knew of at least one doctor who stopped practicing medicine due to low morale. -- The top 5 factors contributing to low morale were identified by the survey respondents as: low reimbursement, loss of autonomy, bureaucratic red tape, patient overload and loss of respect. -- How is the low morale affecting physicians? The doctors in the survey listed fatigue as the number one problem, coming in at 77 percent. Emotional burnout, 66 percent, was a close second. Both marital or family discord and depression were experienced by about 32 percent of the respondents and 4 percent have had suicidal thoughts.
Some physicians who took the survey are resigned to the idea that low morale is here to stay. "I think that it is safe to say that no physician is optimistic about the future of medicine at this point," one participant wrote. Others seemed downright hopeless: "One thing that rarely gets mentioned is that, unlike other industries that are cyclical, the practice of medicine continually gets worse and worse, more intolerable, more onerous, with absolutely no hope or reason for any optimism either in the near or remote future." To receive a copy of the ACPE Physician Morale Survey results, including more than 300 comments posted by the doctors and links to articles about the survey, please email Bill Steiger, ACPE's VP-Communications, at
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* Re:the fate of drs in us
  drdigi - 11/03/06 11:36
  whats ur opinion
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* Re:the fate of drs in us
  honulu - 11/03/06 11:42
  its bull shit...even today docs are really making good money and are really happy with their life.....if they are not satisfied, i understand that is becoz docs,we are highly ambitious people of society and sky is the limit for it all depends upon individual thoughts...but even today medicine is the best and most respected profession to be in...  
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* Re:the fate of drs in us
  sushrutha - 11/03/06 11:48
  We have to agree with all the responders and remeber one thing this is the most taxing profession in the world and his hard to form an opinion, but I am sure world is gradually loosing trust on docs while insurance companies make money, we face the wrath of Mistrust and paper work for no reason which helps niether patients nor us ------------as a result low job satisfication and patient being treated as threat rather as a patient. Now I donot have time to think about this and all I need is a residency to survive

thanks for the post-------------------hope olden days of doctors will if not this noble profession will become an ordinary profession and doctors will start working like ordinary software employees treating every patient as a project and we will have to change old hippocratic oath, ---------------------------saga continues-----------------
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