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* prelim surgery in scramble
  coolv - 11/05/06 21:19
  hi guys,

i see that a lot of programs r ending up with unfilled prelim surgery slots, i am wondering as an IMG if we have a chance to get a position in the scramble,

any inputs,
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* Re:prelim surgery in scramble
  heart - 11/05/06 22:19
  there r very less chances of IMGs gettin a position in scramble sply without contacts.
as most of the progms want AMGs at that time.
1st thing they ask u when u call them is which med. school r u fr in US??
so u can judge ur chances............
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* Re:prelim surgery in scramble
  docno1 - 11/05/06 22:33
  hey cool
although in 2006 post match scramble there were 40 % prelim available but the biggest challenge is to get ur applications across to the program. busy tones allthruout. as heart said its better to know somebody..
my advice is not to rely on post match its pureeeeeeeelllllly luck and the conversion chances decreases if u get thru scramble so give the match process ur best shot!!!!!
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* Re:prelim surgery in scramble
  pakipower - 11/05/06 22:51
  What i know is that we have to go for an interview in scramble also .... if its correct then i wonder how an applicant would reach the hospital where he would be interviewed in 48 hrs ??
plz shed some light on that bcoz if its the case then unmatched applicants can apply only to those hospitals where they can go in this short period of time, once called for IV.

second is there are certain programs who leave the preliminary spots DELIBERATELY EMPTY, i give u an example Bet* isr***, MA , i checked the last 3 yr unmatched list and found 8 prelim spots unmatched everyyear, do u think its a co incidence ?? i guess not, so my point is dont think that programs will just fill the slaughts if they go empty, many of the programs are happy to leave them empty just to keep their image as FREE OF IMGs and they will offer it to AMGs only i. I am saying this in specific to G.S and transitional year. I cant comment about other specilities.

But still there are alot of example of IMGs getting positions in scramble but % is very low.
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* Re:prelim surgery in scramble
  docno1 - 11/06/06 00:14
  hey paki u r on target ...
first of alll in scramble its a phone int the pd calls u and speaks to u so its more based on credentials as there very little time to be assessed on phone.
some programs dont int for prelim ....either unmatched amgs take it or the ones with an advanced position who dont have prelims in the place wher they got the advanced position.
IMG's do get prelims but as i said luck plays a major role......
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* Re:prelim surgery in scramble
  coolv - 11/06/06 01:19
  hi heart, docno1, pakipower,

thanks a lot for pitching in, appreciate ur valuable opinion.
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