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* Will they know
  cris - 11/05/06 22:11
  Will they know if I apply to the same hospital but different speciality?? LIke IM and FM Will they know.Please answer
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* Re:Will they know
  heart - 11/05/06 22:14
  there r chances of that , some doctor told me . so b careful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
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* Re:Will they know
  pakipower - 11/05/06 23:20
  it all depends on one fact that Does that hospital has different staff for each of the speciality in Graduate medical education. If the staff is same and there is one GME looking over all the applications from different specialities then there is a chance of one being caught.

BUT scenario is very different this year HUGE number of applications so either there is one PCs or 2 differnet PCs they will not be able to compare that you are the same applicant who also applied to other speciality until u told them so , so JUST CHILL CHILL JUST CHILL

We have seen ppl on this forum getting IVs from 2 speciality in same hospital and successfully giving there interviews.
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* Re:Will they know
  cris - 11/05/06 23:42
  pakipower thank you for answering  
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