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* OB GYN rejections
  leptin - 11/06/06 10:26
  hey guys, let's start the list of the programs that send rej.
these are mine,
oakwood MI
Albert Einstein PA( after invitation!)
Buffalo NY
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* Re:OB GYN rejections
  sobti - 11/06/06 11:04
  UTSW, Dallas
Univ of Michigan
Summa health, OH
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* Re:OB GYN rejections
  sahan - 11/06/06 11:09
  buffalo NY, oakwood MI, WSU, Univ of cinn, baylor houston, St francis,evanston  
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* Re:OB GYN rejections
  rak - 11/06/06 11:13
  When did u receive from St. Francis/ is it in CT  
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* Re:OB GYN rejections
  shifu - 11/06/06 11:18
  BWH Massachussete,UTSW Dallas,  
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* Re:OB GYN rejections
  shifu - 11/06/06 11:21
  Het Lepton how can they refuse you after invitation.Please throw some light on this.I got an invite and a verbal confirmation of the date of IV but no e mail comfirmation yet.So now time to be worried if they work like the way you mentioned.  
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* Re:OB GYN rejections
  shifu - 11/06/06 11:21
  Sorry Leptin!!!  
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* Re:OB GYN rejections
  leptin - 11/06/06 11:32
  They sent me the invitation, then an e mail saying that my application was going to be on hold, beacuse they wanted to review all tha applications again, and finally they sent me the rejection.. they also wrote that due to the huge # of appl. they are not able to answer any question and the decition was FINAL.
If you have scheduled the IV , don't warry..they didn't scheduleed me, it was just an e mail to invite, with a supposed followwed up e mail that never came.
Good Luck!
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* Re:OB GYN rejections
  shifu - 11/06/06 11:51
  Sorry Leptin to hear that.It is ridiculous.I just called them and they say they have me on the list but no confirmation e-mail yet.Wish you GL with best wishes for more IV for all of us.  
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* Re:OB GYN rejections
  shifu - 11/06/06 12:17
  Got another rej from Tufts for obg.Looks like all big shots day to reject my application.what a waste of money but yes I at least tried.  
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* Re:OB GYN rejections
  leptin - 11/06/06 17:11
  I got two!! Austin and Medical College of WIsconsin..And I am only appling to ObGyn, too risky? what do you think?  
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