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* ethics,,is this right,,pls comment
  coping - 11/10/06 07:01
  3. A 16-year old boy was diagnosed with osteosarcoma of the right thigh. The surgeon recommended amputation. The boy refuses amputation. He is doing very well otherwise. He is aware that death is certain without surgery. (Important)
Next step in management: amputation should NOT be preformed.
Adolescent patients or adults who are competent in making decisions have an absolute right to determine what shall be done with their own bodies. However, most pediatric patients are not competent to make their own decisions. Please remember, children (15 years or older) are usually able to give a genuinely informed consent. Therefore physicians may respond to their request, except in a case of irreversible sterilization.

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* Re:ethics,,is this right,,pls comment
  coping - 11/10/06 07:12
  and this one also...pls comment..
10. A very small premature infant was born in the delivery room by NSVD (normal spontaneous vaginal delivery). The attending physician decided not to resuscitate the newborn. Physician spoke to the mother. Mother started to cry. Newborn expired after 30 minutes. Is the physician liable for the newborn’s death?
Answer: NO. Please remember, no physician in the USA has ever been found liable for withholding or withdrawing any life sustaining treatment from any patient for any reason
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* Re:ethics,,is this right,,pls comment
  drzx - 11/10/06 09:01
  In the first q i the issue is of autonomy and at 16 years of age a person can participate in his managemant so do not amputate.
in 2nd qust issue is of futility of the t/t. Though the docs can decide about this if the patient's family wants to still go ahead, the physician should try to explain to them about the futility of the procedure. I think if she still wants it he should approach the hospital ethics comittee. I am not very sure about this. Can u explain in detail your answer to question 2?
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* Re:ethics,,is this right,,pls comment
  coping - 11/10/06 12:16
  these 2 cases i took from the 139 cases posted on this forum
i thanks your input.
about my idea.
in the 1st case...i see 16 yrs old is not emancipated and cannot take such decsion.he is minor.i am still querry wher i can find a source that solidfiy the issue of the 1st case.

on the second.
in end of life issue.u should doi as u explianed.tell everything to the family.and again i agree on the ethical commitee.unless the patinet is realy dead ((and/or on live devices)) or alreday met death criteria... then u can decalir death at that momnet...

thast what i somone has evidence on these 2 cases will be so greatful if u will post it.
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* Re:ethics,,is this right,,pls comment
  drzx - 11/10/06 13:31

hope this helps you. is the main page for the bioethics topics. I t is very helpful and informative.
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* Re:ethics,,is this right,,pls comment
  coping - 11/10/06 15:28
  got it.
thanks alots its certainly helpful
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