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* nbme
  doc_sim - 11/15/06 15:12
  A 21 -year -old Asian -American man who sustained a closed head injury in a motorcycle accident is admitted to the hospital. He is intubated and is receiving mechanical ventilation in the intensive care unit. On repeat physical examinations during the next 2 days, he shows no clinical signs of cerebral activity and has no spontaneous respiration. His pupils are fixed in mid -position and he has no vestibulo -ocular reflexes. Electroencephalograms obtained 24 hours apart have nearly flat tracings. His driver's license indicates his desire to be an organ donor. When you inform his parents that he is brain dead, you remind them of his donor statement and request permission to harvest usable organs. The parents are shocked; they say they are unaware of his desire to be an organ donor and refuse to grant permission. Because the patient meets the clinical criteria for brain death, which of the following is most appropriate?

A ) Explain how their son's death can contribute to another person's life

B ) Have a potential organ recipient talk with the family

C ) Obtain a court order authorizing removal of usable organs

D ) Order cerebral angiography to convince the parents that their son is brain dead

E ) Proceed with organ removal because the patient is an adult

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* Re:nbme
  alexis - 11/15/06 15:18
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* Re:nbme
  knock_knock - 11/15/06 15:18
  A) ??  
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* Re:nbme
  natka - 11/15/06 15:28
  answer E/  
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* Re:nbme
  pk007 - 11/15/06 15:32
  shud be 'A'  
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* Re:nbme
  humerus - 11/15/06 22:30
  a followed by e  
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* Re:nbme
  joscohmd - 11/16/06 07:39
  e-driver license autorization is enough to make decision  
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* Re:nbme
  benign1998 - 11/16/06 11:49
  ans is e same question is there in kaplan internal medicine questions also ,,,,in that question drivers licence is even expried,,,even then u procede for donation  
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* Re:nbme
  benign1998 - 11/16/06 11:50
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* Re:nbme
  anila_indian - 11/16/06 13:18
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* Re:nbme
  ekammaoffiong - 11/18/06 21:14
  I think it shd be B cos even though the patient had consented but the family have refused. The right thing shd have been to go ahead but since the family are unaware of it , the donor organisations will not go against the families wishes simply because of embarrassment from the news media ( HEADLITES - ''COMPANY STRUGGLE WITH FAMILY MEMBERS OVER BODY PART'' )consening struggle b/w the the 2 paties for organs. So for this simply reason the advocate that such donors shd inform the families of their intension in other to avoid these circumstances. At least is the explanation from kaplan lectures.  
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