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* Step 3 Results
  lasko - 11/17/06 18:12

I gave my step 3 about 4 weeks ago and have cleared it got 81(191).

Guys I would like to just share my experience about preparing and giving it.

1 Take as much time as you can but do well
2 Give it when you are comfortable
3 do step 2ck notes kaplan,
4 UW gives a good orientation. CCS and MCQs are important.
5 step 3 kaplan Q book ( very very very useful book few questions came directly from it) you will not be able to finish the blocks or might require 2 hours to finish each block in this book but the Qs improve your reading skills a lot.
6 Though scores are important they cannot be detrimental. So concentrate on your strengths and build on them. Which subject you are comfortable be thorough with them. That will ensure you will be doing well where you know your subject.
7 For medicine if you have time go through washing ton manual.
8 During the examination I dont think it will be possible to finish all the blocks so dont worry about it. In my case I was consistently left with 8 qs in each block to be answered in last 5 mins so guessed things in the last 5 mins without reading the question.
9 If there is any question which you dont feel like reading because of fatigue just leave it go to the next one.
10 I did not do NMBE because of $ factor but if you can do that good.

ALL the best


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* Re:Step 3 Results
  levo - 11/17/06 18:32
  Thanks for sahring and congrats for passing, do you also recommand Qbank or is Qbook enough??  
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* Re:Step 3 Results
  lasko - 11/17/06 18:35
  I read kaplan Q book. I dont know about Q bank I guess it must be the cd I did not work on it. :)  
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* Re:Step 3 Results
  md96 - 11/17/06 18:39
  what's UW? is it a book? I could not find it on ebay  
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* Re:Step 3 Results
  lasko - 11/17/06 18:42
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* Re:Step 3 Results
  md96 - 11/17/06 18:50
  I what it stands for , but I don't know where to get them.  
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* Re:Step 3 Results
  levo - 11/17/06 19:02
  go to  
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* Re:Step 3 Results
  dr_nuri - 11/17/06 19:09
  lasko ...tell if its imp to do kaplans q book..i did uswd and one referance book for medicine as well.reply soon..3 days left for exam  
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* Re:Step 3 Results
  dr_nuri - 11/17/06 19:12
  hey lasko one more q...plz tell was ur result updated with fsmb in 3 wks from the exam date..can u post the date of ur exam and result update date and when did u get the result by weeks....thanks in anticipation.  
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* Re:Step 3 Results
  tnf - 11/17/06 19:49
what was your uw average
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* Re:Step 3 Results
  sowmya - 11/17/06 21:08
  Hey lasko, congratsssssss

can u please tell me ur usmle cd scores.....
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