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* my ccs cases
  dr_nuri - 11/23/06 20:47
  here goes the list:

58 yr male with fatigue
incomplete abortion
50 yr M with HTN/DM for routine health visit
iron def. anaemia in 18 m child
splenic rupture
?wd post it as i remember.

and regarding mcqs--lots of ethics q,2-3 dermat q in each block,lots of paeds ques,geriatic medicine,and ob-gyn as well.
do practice a lot of ques and try to make up the ques in time...very long ques stem in all blocks.i wd say time management matters a lot here.
mcqs--i wd suggest to do uswd well and do read some medicine manual like washington,cmdt....and if possible do crush and first aid.
for ccs- do uswd cases,first aid for last moment rev. and practice the usmle ccs cases cd for easy going with the software.
any ques regarding the exam part are welcomed,wd answer you for sure.GL to you all.
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* Re:my ccs cases
  sandy - 11/23/06 20:53
  hi nuri,

how much time do you think is required for ccs practice on cd i have exam in 2 weeks have read ccs cases from uw ones but not yet partice on cd


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* Re:my ccs cases
  dr_nuri - 11/23/06 21:31
  it wd take around 3 hrs or so for doing cd once and try to practice for writing in orders and how do you go for a particular case??practice all the 5 cases there in cd and try to write in orders for few difficult cases you come across in uswd.GL  
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* Re:my ccs cases
  captopril - 11/23/06 22:39
  hie... good to se u r done with exam... my exam is also near and i ll be thakful if you can plz give me some advise about q book
i have not done all of it but selected bloks in IM and paeds and Gyne
do u recomend doing all the remaining or revising UW..GL
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* Re:my ccs cases
  dr_nuri - 11/23/06 23:39
  its good that u did for paeds and obg...i think u shud go for quick revision of uswd q/any book u read earlier and try to practice completing block in read for ethics part,it was full of ethics for need to do kaplans q book,if u wish to do sm more q..go for the ques in usmle cd...might help  
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* Re:my ccs cases
  captopril - 11/24/06 00:05
  thanks Dr Nuri... Wish u all the best...  
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* Re:my ccs cases
  bobby101 - 06/09/08 21:18
  io u  
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