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* CREST syndrome
  washaki - 09/12/07 11:58
  clinical and lab findings?  
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* Re:CREST syndrome
  wwjd - 09/12/07 12:05
  clinical is
C= Calcinosis mainly on your elbows, knees and fingers, although they can occur almost anywhere, including your legs and spine.

R= Raynauds Phenomenon which causes numbness, pain and color changes in your fingers, is the first indication of the disease. Often appearing years before other CREST signs and symptoms, Raynaud's occurs when small blood vessels (capillaries) spasm in response to cold or emotional stress, blocking the flow of blood.

E= Esophageal dysfunction, Poor functioning of the muscles in the upper and lower esophagus can make swallowing difficult and allow stomach acids to back up into the esophagus, leading to heartburn, inflammation and scarring of esophageal tissues.

S=Sclerodactyly- Thick, hardened skin (sclerodactyly) is the hallmark of scleroderma.

T= Talengectasia -This is a collection of dilated blood vessels on the surface of your skin, usually so closely packed that they appear as solid red marks rather than as individual vessels.
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* Re:CREST syndrome
  washaki - 09/12/07 12:09
  very clear and helpful to me, thanks  
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* Re:CREST syndrome
  wwjd - 09/12/07 12:13
  lab findings

Anticentromere antibodies
early rise in ANA levels,
Anti-Scl-70 (anti-topoisomerase I) antibody is associated with diffuse scleroderma
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* Re:CREST syndrome
  dewal - 09/12/07 12:18
  Here is more about it.

CREST is a restricted variant of scleroderma, with more benign course. It is charecterized by presence of anti-centromere antibodies.

systemic sclerosisis considered diffuse form of Scleroderma . anti-topoisomerase 1 (anti-Sci-70) occur in 70%. Charectised by excessive fibrosis and edema of skin esp hands and fingers, producing sclerodactyly and extending to viscera. female:male= 3:1
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