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* {{{{Cardiology??????
  ishqabajwa - 12/02/07 03:26
  I completely suck at Cardiology!!!
Cud sm1 tell me which is the best source for Cardio??
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* Re:{{{{Cardiology??????
  rehellohie - 12/02/07 10:32
try this
these are my own notes, although if u like them i will send u completed notes within a week.
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* Re:{{{{Cardiology??????
  vikasi - 12/02/07 10:54
did you compile these yourself? If so,..very beautifully done...kudos to you. Do you have anything for either Respiratory or Endocrinology? These notes are very non-toxic, non-threatening (to those of us who are threatened by cardio) and best of all easy reading.
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* Re:{{{{Cardiology??????
  rehellohie - 12/02/07 10:59
i told u these are not complete
just i have to integerate UW amterila there
no i didnt write them but i combined material from
torento notes
kaplan notes
Rapid review step 2
and going to integerate with
UW now
i have done endocrinology
neurology and GIT
respraotry and others still to do
if u want i can give u all the files which i have done so far
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* Re:{{{{Cardiology??????
  vikasi - 12/02/07 11:03 sure it will love to see your endo or respi...
youve put so much effort into this...
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* Re:{{{{Cardiology??????
  rehellohie - 12/02/07 11:05
  sure dear
as i m using dial up and it will take sometime to upload
i will upload all the files i have still for u tomorrow
i hope that it will help
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* Re:{{{{Cardiology??????
  vikasi - 12/02/07 11:11
  that sounds delightful.. do you have any personal advise to give along with all these notes? im second guessing my strategy (which is normal a month before the exam) however, im looking for some sound last minute direction. Could you endulge me? (1) how much does UW questions play a key role in this (2) Is kaplan Q bank necessary (3) im sticking to kaplan and secrets, ok move? (4) where can i review mechanism of disease for everything? (5) Are the USMLE CD's reflective of the question type...or NBME?

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* Re:{{{{Cardiology??????
  ishqabajwa - 12/02/07 12:22
God Bless You!!
Thanx a bunch!!
Can't wait till the rest of the stuff is uploaded!!
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* Re:{{{{Cardiology??????
  rehellohie - 12/03/07 05:35
  hi vikasi
thanx although i m not expert in USMLE but from step 1 experience this is wat i know
when u prepare use anything u want and put all things in one place and than revise this material over and over.
From hearing different forums i think UW is key to good score in step 2 and Kaplan Q bank for step1
kaplan and secrets/crush is the good thing with UW. i use crush coz i dont like Q and A format. its dending wat u like the amount of material is same in both i mean secrets and crush.
for machinsisms i cant tell u anything coz no signgle source gives u all things in hand therefore i started to write my own notes and i took material from different places and copied and pasted it in one place and than integrated it with UW.
but i think for the last moment or in last month u shouldnt try any new book, just stick to the material wat u read and do repeat Qs before 15 days left to exam.
and fnal and most important its ur attitude and prayers which u will take in exam and be positive IA u will do and get wats in ur luck.
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* Re:{{{{Cardiology??????
  ishqabajwa - 12/03/07 08:24
I have some notes that were posted regarding the mechanism of diseases!!

Hope this helps!
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