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* Other options for FMG's
  ricky80 - 03/13/07 23:10
  Other then residency can fmg have bright future?What other jobs we can look for?Will appreciate becoz we are tons of FMG s who would have suffered the trauma:-(  
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* Re:Other options for FMG's
  tinytot - 03/14/07 00:49
  no, MD. but i'm unmatched and desperate. willing to move for a job. so your job was paid?  
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* Re:Other options for FMG's
  pier - 03/14/07 01:02
  Other non-clinical jobs for docs in US:
Public health-epidemiology,statistics,occupational health environmental health
Drug company
Business-some doctors after completing residency dont practice in clinic and change their career by going into investment banking,MBA,economics,stocks
Para-clinical help

It needs to keep i mind tht some of these professions can earn almost as same as doctors and even more.

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* Re:Other options for FMG's
  ricky80 - 03/14/07 01:06
  Appreciate for your input.  
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* Re:Other options for FMG's
  hsen - 03/14/07 01:16
  Hi tinytot!
just like i m only talking with u and me.
At first, I m a patient in that clinic and after i finished CK, i start to find the volunteer job in hospital. Of course, everyone wants paid job. When i asked a lot of time , my PCP told me to volunteer in his clinic 1 day/week as i request b4 getting volunteer in any hospital. Finally, i got one research volunteer and one unpaid volunteer research in other clinic. At that time, the physician paid me after 1 month . it cover rent and subway ticket for myself. I worked hard and I got 3 LOR from them. i think this is the reason even my scores are very very low, with bad english speaking.
Dont desperate...u will happy next year..
If you want to ask something, u can email me later to ""..If i can help as much as I can caz i did get a lot of helps from other people, friends throughout my studying..Thank you all and thank this forum too.
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* it times to take a rest !
  hsen - 03/14/07 02:31
  Good luck all ...
Good luck all FMG..
I cant sleep even 2:30 am now.
It u need help, i will come tomorrow .
Good night !
Tell the forum if u get scramble.

Best of luck!
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* Re:Other options for FMG's
  arachnoiditis - 03/14/07 02:47
  The best option for any IMG who wants to be paid, wants a visa, have all the benefits like health insurance etc and get good LORs is doing research as a Post-Doc OR Research Associate.....I did that for for a year and this year I Matched.....  
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* Re:Other options for FMG's
  angelboy - 03/14/07 03:07
  if resdiency is not optional for you, you can try:
-if you need visa, try reserch postdoc, may start from J1 then get H1 and even GC.
-if you have no visa issue, can try optometry to get OD, Physician assistant, medical technologists to work on ultrasound, EKG, Radiology oncology, nuclear medicine, work in medical industry, or get MPH to work on public health. All these professions are high paid. most people staying in academic on research are relaxed but no good pay or future.
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* Re:Other options for FMG's
  aphrodite - 03/14/07 03:59
  arachnoiditis,angel boy....what are the requirements for applying/securing a post doc research/research ass job ? and what are the drawbacks?can you leave that whenever you wish or is there some contract etc?
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* Re:Other options for FMG's
  emmy - 03/14/07 07:09
  You only need good contact (networking) to work as a physician assistant; no need for expensive schooling but u would not be paid as high as a licensed PA. So long as the pay is enough to cover ur rent and daily expenses hang in there untill u secure good LORs.Walk into private clinics and request to volunteer initially and eventually u may get paid. Starts with your med school alumni and country men. Ask! ask!! ask!!! For research jobs go here for some ideas.  
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* Re:Other options for FMG's
  a1 - 03/14/07 10:31
  whats about Hsen, if u have very good score, BUt u have student visa.....u cant work, u cant have Gc........
what cahnces ll be??
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