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* kaplan med essentials?
  usmlednar - 09/06/08 21:18
  Can anyone tell me how good is kaplan med essentials as opposed to FA  
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* Re:kaplan med essentials?
  usmlednar - 09/07/08 00:00
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* Re:kaplan med essentials?
  inamshiakh - 09/07/08 00:16
  My dear Friend I have seen (briefly) Med essentials, but I think and its a personal opinion, no match to first aid. It has everything, written somewhere. Keep reading it and youll realise that it starts opening up its horizons

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* Re:kaplan med essentials?
  erg - 09/07/08 00:41
  I liked that book. FA is the best for "crammers". ME is excellent book for people who wants to have everything in order. It has little too much information, but the way it is put together is not bad, having tables with explanations and quick narratives. I also liked the systematic arrangement of that book. Also, it has exactly the same tables and pictures as Kaplan, so if you used Kaplan for your prep, it is Kaplan course review in one book.
FA is published on shiny paper, and depending on amount of light, it may be difficult to read, and ME is not shiny.
I guess it boils down to your personal preference.
I personally used both, because I really liked ME but could not give up FA (which I hated with passion) because everyone uses it and not too many comments about ME out of there.
The choice is yours.
Good luck
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* Re:kaplan med essentials?
  usmlednar - 09/07/08 09:53
  Thanx inamshiak and erg fro u r replies. they have been very helpful. thanx
@erg. i totally agree. i really liked ME because it is a concise form of kap lec notes. so really good for all the imp ponits of KLN. and FA can't do without it b'coz every one else is doing it.

i guess i'll do both.

good luck to u both.
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* Re:kaplan med essentials?
  effort - 09/07/08 10:31
  Hi usmlednar again!

I hope u dont think i'm following all ur threads :) :) :)

Just need ur suggestion again: If i'm 2 months to my exam, do u think its wise to look at med essentials NOW??
Or i should just forget about it and stick to FA??

Your input will be very much APPRECIATED

Thanks again
Good luck to you
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* Re:kaplan med essentials?
  usmlednar - 09/07/08 11:25
i'm planning to give my exam in Nov end and i just started to go thru ME.and honestly speaking i love it, b;coz after i read the Kap LN and then read ME it gives me a review of All that is imp in the Ln. before the exam if i dont have time to read the whole of the lN i' can atleast read ME at taht point in time i dont want the ME to be absolutely new. so am reading it now along with my 2nd reading. also am doing FA too b'coz every one else is. i think there r a few things in FA that r not in ME and vice versa. i still have to finish my 1ST READING OF pHARMAC though i have started 2nd reading of other subjects. once i'm done with pharmac i plan to stick to FA, ME RR and UW till i go for my exam. Plus all my books r really old so ME kind of updates it for me.

I hope this helps. and no i dont mind u following my threads. as long as it helps.
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* Re:kaplan med essentials?
  effort - 09/07/08 12:51
  THAT was a HUGE help, usmlednar!!
Thanks so very much, again :) :)

And good luck & God Bless to you
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* Re:kaplan med essentials?
  effort - 09/07/08 12:52
  One last question:
Do u have ME in the pdf format or the actual book?
If its the book, where did u get it from?

Hope u will answer this one too.
Thanks, in anticipation!
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* Re:kaplan med essentials?
  effort - 09/07/08 13:41
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* Re:kaplan med essentials?
  usmlednar - 09/07/08 14:20
  sorry for the delay. wasnt around for a while. '
i have the book and got it from am not verygood at reading from the pdf files.
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