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* New USMLE Score Calculator
  overlordvi - 10/07/08 21:57
  Pretty nice USMLE score calculator. You enter a 3 digit USMLE Step 1 score, it gives you the estimated 2 digit score and estimated percentile. Some other nice features in it too. Take a look:

Click on USMLE Step 1, scroll down most of the way, and click on Score Calculator on the right side.
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* Re:New USMLE Score Calculator
  overlordvi - 10/08/08 17:15
  There is a new USMLE score calculator at Click on the link for USMLE, go halfway down, and you'll see the link on your right side. It lets you estimate your USMLE score based off Kaplan, USMLE World, and Clinical Review, and also lets you convert between the 3 digit and 2 digit scores with estimated percentiles. It's pretty cool!  
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* Re:New USMLE Score Calculator
  aspirantdoc98 - 10/08/08 18:01
  Thanks, Overlordvi.  
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* Re:New USMLE Score Calculator
  letsallget99 - 10/08/08 18:01
  Awesome post............Thanks a million............This thing is great.......  
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* Re:New USMLE Score Calculator
  letsallget99 - 10/08/08 18:17
  The only part I find funny is how much emphasis they put on your USMLE Assessment test....From all the posts I've read everyone says its right on--- or it may overestimate your scores.....Then on this it says you can pretty much add 10 to your 3 digit of whatever you got on it.....That's awesome if it's true...I've always been shooting for 234 plus for a 99 and took it a few weeks ago and only got a 226 and was heart broken....On this little thing it says a 226 is equivalent to a 236 which would be great.......... :) Great boost of confidence in these last couple weeks to d-day......Thanks again...  
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* Re:New USMLE Score Calculator
  overlordvi - 10/08/08 18:22
  That's what a lot of other test takers have also found. The NBME is harder than the actual USMLE and so overestimates your score slightly. The emphasis on the NBME exam is real - it is the only testing resource that spans the entire Gaussian distribution and predicts USMLE scores within an acceptable margin of error (p  
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* Re:New USMLE Score Calculator
  letsallget99 - 10/08/08 18:55
  Do you mean underestimates your score????  
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* Re:New USMLE Score Calculator
  overlordvi - 10/08/08 19:42
  That's what I meant - thanks =).
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* Re:New USMLE Score Calculator
  letsallget99 - 10/08/08 20:06
  :) Best of luck on your studies and thanks again  
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* Re:New USMLE Score Calculator
  pantheon - 10/08/08 20:13
  one question...what is the difference between 2 digit score n percentile...cause if the 2 digit score is coming 90..the percentile is 50% only. i m confused. please clear this.  
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* Re:New USMLE Score Calculator
  letsallget99 - 10/08/08 20:37
  The 3 digit was the old us system of scoring and when FMG's were taking the step it was scored as a 2 digit....When the two merged and everyone started taking the same test they put the two together and made this stupid system....Basically the 90 is really not a percentile in a true sense -its just a reflection of your 3 digit.......When people say I got 99 it doesn't really mean they did better then 99 percent of people taking the exam, or mean they got 99 percent of questions right.....The 50% they give you is a true estimate of how you did compared to everyone...The national average right now as we speak is 92 % 222- This would be your mean and true 50% mark this year..That means that the overall mean score of all U.S. students taken the exam are scoring this number....This number switches every year....Last year I think it was something like 89% 219.. The key to focus on is your 2 digit number because almost all residency committees set a cut off value when the get their match applicants to filter.....For IMG's its a higher cut off to meet to get interviews....Depending on what your trying to get into will affect this...In my situation I'm going for Anesthesiology and usually the cut off to be safe is 90 and higher.....My friend is matching this year and got 83 and is getting interviews for Family and IM....Hope this helps..  
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