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* scabies
  vanco - 12/17/08 08:47

1 & half month old infant devloped scabies, treatment of choice for this baby?

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* Re:scabies
  intensivist - 12/17/08 08:52
  permethrin right?  
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* Re:scabies
  vanco - 12/17/08 08:57
  nope sweet heart.

dont worry, u will rock in result.
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* Re:scabies
  intensivist - 12/17/08 08:59
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* Re:scabies
  orthop - 12/17/08 09:07
  sulphur in petroleum jelly
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* Re:scabies
  pupmkin - 12/17/08 09:20
  Is the infant immunodef....................
if yes Ivermectin+topical benzylbenzoate
or else simple BB
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* Re:scabies
  kiranraja - 12/17/08 09:31
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* Re:scabies
  kiranraja - 12/17/08 09:35
  infants less than 2months of age 6%sulfur in petroleum is the treatment for scabies
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* Re:scabies
  showman - 12/17/08 13:29
  In newborns and pregnant or lactating women with classic scabies, 5 or 10 percent precipitated sulfur in petrolatum is probably effective.17 However, there are no controlled trials of efficacy or safety. This agent is inexpensive and can be made by a compounding pharmacy. It should be applied to the entire body (including the head and neck in newborns) for 24 hours and then reapplied every 24 hours for the next two days. A bath should be taken before each application and 24 hours after the last application. All clothing and bed linens should be changed when treatment is completed. Environmental control is essential for successful treatment.  
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* Re:scabies
  showman - 12/17/08 13:35
  In pregnant or lactating women and in newborns, 5 or 10 percent precipitated sulfur in petrolatum is a safe, effective treatment for generalized crusted scabies. Treatment is as described for classic scabies.Ivermectin is not labeled for the treatment of scabies. Although infants elsewhere in the world reportedly are treated with ivermectin, the FDA has not labeled this drug for use in children weighing less than 15 kg (33 lb).


but cmdt says ivermectin can be used for crusted scapied ....vanco please tell me if ivermectin can be used?
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* Re:scabies
  vanco - 12/17/08 13:42

showman wrote the right answer. and many more.

now this is only for showman..........

Although ivermectin has not yet been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use against any form of scabies, a single oral dose (200 g/kg) effectively treats scabies in otherwise-healthy persons; patients with crusted scabies may require two doses separated by an interval of 1–2 weeks
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