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* J1 from Pakistan...Please gather here
  headsup_was - 03/22/08 10:56
  I am sure with current visa situation, people applying for J1 from Pakistan would be woried. Lets gather here for more information and how to do the proceeding including Visa stamping from abroad/ Canada...
Also lets help eachother out for Statement of need !
Waiting for genuine feedbacks and information. GL
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* Re:J1 from Pakistan...Please gather here
  nak - 03/22/08 10:57
  there is another thread floating...  
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* Re:J1 from Pakistan...Please gather here
  headsup_was - 03/22/08 11:01
  thanks but that thread was inactive for a while.....thought to bring this issue to live again. TA!  
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* Re:J1 from Pakistan...Please gather here
  drdeath_99 - 03/23/08 15:33
  headsup these are the requirements for applying SON in pakistan.

The following are the documents required for the Statement of need: Copy of the passport, copy of the contract, Copy of the PMDC certificate, Copy of the Medical School degree, Copy of the National ID card, affidavit , application for statement of need, and the actual statement of need (can be found on the ECFMG website).

The 'Statement of need' is issued by the Federal Ministry of Health in Islamabad.

You can download the specimen affidavit and application form from this link

best of luck for your visa and residency man and if you required any other information let me know.

take care
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* Re:J1 from Pakistan...Please gather here
  000786 - 03/23/08 18:26
  I am confused ,can someone plz guide me,once we get SON ,do we have to mail all documents to our residency program or to the ECFMGE ,cause the program have to fill the form?  
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* Re:J1 from Pakistan...Please gather here
  misplaced - 03/23/08 19:07
  here is some info from a previous post.
adeel - 03/29/06 10:30

u need a valid PMDC registration together with a few documents and send them to pakistan and if possble somebody can go to islamabad and get the NOC and get it scanned for u . u can use the scanned copy and apply to ecfmg with the rest of your documents to get ur DS-2019
thats what i did.
okie now this is an email from a senior at KEMC and explains the whole process and the documents required:-

This document might help those who are going for the match and J-1 visa. As
we all know that the embassy takes a lot of time for visa processing, so its
important that one should apply for the visa as soon as possible.

It will be very helpful if you stay in states at the time of match
announcement. One the first day, they will u tell who matched and who
didn’t. After that there will be 2 more days for those who didn’t match so
that they can participate in post-match. The final result will come after 2
days telling u who matched where.

Contact the program secretary where you have matched on the same day telling
her how important it is for you to get the contract as soon as possible
because of the visa problems. Usually the program sends you a blank
contract. You will sign it and send it back. Finally the program will send
it back to you after the PD signs it……… therefore it can take a very long
time especially if you are in Pakistan. So if are in the states and can go
to your program sec in person and sign the contract, it will save a lot of
time. If you are some where else, ask anyone in the program you know to take
the contract from the program sec and send it to you using a courier

You can also open up an account with FedEx. They will give you an account
number that can be used by your program sec to send the documents to you.
You will be charged on your credit or debit card. You can also give
pres-addressed and pre-stamped envelops to the program sec. This will also
save some time.

Once you have the contract, you will have to send it to Pakistan to get NOC
from Ministry of Health in Islamabad. So ask someone in Islamabad in advance
that he/she has to go to the ministry to help you out. You will require the
following docs…
• Copy of your NIC
• Copy of PMDC registration (License)
• Copy of MBBS degree
• An affidavit on Rs.20 paper stating that you will return to Pak after
completion of your training. (The affidavit has to be signed by you, so
explain to your friend how to copy your signature if you are in the states).
Someone on the forum said that you can also send a notorized statement from
USA but I am not sure about it.
• Copy of the contract
* Application from the Ministry that your friend will have to
fill out so tell him the details about yout program.

Give these documents to him/her in advance. Once you have the contract, scan
it and send it via e-mail (or fax it). He/she can then print it and take it
to the ministry. This will also save a lot of time.

Once your friend gets the NOC, he/she can again scan it and send it to you
via e-mail or fax it to you. You don’t have to send the original NOC to
ECFMG for your DS-2019. Also tell your friend to send the original NOC by
express mail just in case.

Once you get the copy of NOC, you will have to send it to ECFMG with other
docs for your DS-2019. The docs are:

* J-1 Visa application for Initial Sponsorship
• Copy of your contract
• Your resume (Be very careful in making it. Last year a lot of my friends
had to send it back to ECFMG again as it was rejected. It should be updated
and should include the dates and scores of steps and TOEFL + date of passing
of CSA.)
• Copy of your passport (First 2 pages and the cu
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* Re:J1 from Pakistan...Please gather here
  misplaced - 03/23/08 19:08
  The clerk there knows well about the content of all types of NOC esp if previously any body has issued same type of NOC. I know about J1 NOCs only . For that you should attach a copy of contract or offer letter, NIC, Passport, PMDC certificate and degree attested. with an affidavit. Whole process takes usually 3-4 days.

The content of Affidavit is signed by oath commissioner


I ------------ S/O -----------R/O---------------------

do hereby solemly affirm and declare as under:

1. That I am a citizen of Pakistan by Birth.

2. That after completing postgraduate Studies/Residency
Programme in---------------- will return to Pakistan
to serve my country and nation.

3. That I am not a Government employee.

That the contents of this affidavit are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and nothing has been concealed or withheld.



There is also an application form . You can get it from the clerk.


Name of the applicant
Father’s Name


Date of Birth

Educational Qualification/s


National Identity Card No. (Copy)

Marital Status

Name of college from which the
degree of MBBS was received and
the year (Copy)

PMDC Certificate (Copy)(Valid)

Description of posts held after
completion of house job

Presently serving in ----------

Are you a government servant?

Description of required training

Whether training facilities are
available in Pakistan in the required

Whether admission received from the
institution abroad (Copy). The name
of the institution abroad where the
applicant wishes to study.

Duration of postgraduate course with
the date of its commencement.

I undertake that after the training abroad, shall return to
Pakistan and serve.


Full Address

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* Re:J1 from Pakistan...Please gather here
  misplaced - 03/23/08 19:09
  The address of ministry of health is:

Deputy Director General of Health
Dr. Fahim Arshad Malik (currently, May 2000)
Ministry of Health
Block “C”
Pakistan Secretariat
Islamabad, Pakistan

Phone: 92-51-920-8867
Fax: 92-51-920-5481 or 920-8749
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* Re:J1 from Pakistan...Please gather here
  misplaced - 03/23/08 19:14
  As for J-1 process:-
= = = = = = = = =
response - 03/23/06 07:48

Hi, This is what I did:
1- I dowloaded the application from the website and filled it.
2- I got the statement of need.
3- finished my CV
4- Paid the 200$
5- I will get the contract tomorrow, I will sign it and return the "original contract" to ecfmg and a copy of it to th PC, This is what she told me to do.
6- Copy of My passport and a colored photo..
I think that's it, then we have to wait 4-6 weeks...Is there anything else to be done.
= = = = = = = =
discover24 - 03/23/06 09:58

You only need a copy of the "offer letter" for the statement of need. Have it faxed to you. The St o Need has to be from your home country. It takes 2-3 days to get it.

The offer letter was signed by the PD and sent to it. All I did was sign the faxed copy and use it for the noc.
= = = = = = = =
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* Re:J1 from Pakistan...Please gather here
  misplaced - 03/23/08 19:15
  a letter from Program, that lets u in USA on H-1 visa, little before eligible period:-
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
bluetooth - 06/04/07 12:38

Dude, I just recieved the GME letter from my program... it goes like this.

RE: Dr xxxx

To whom it may concern

This is to confirm that Dr xxxx has been appointed to the pediatric residency program at xxxx. His duties as a resident will begin on July 1st. However he is req to attend a mandatory orientation from 19th june to june 30th. Prior to that he needs to make living and transportation arrangements, complete a health screen and apply for SSN. Please admit him to United states as early as possible.
If you have any q or req additional info please contact me at 123-345-6789


Manager, Innternational Physician services.
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* Re:J1 from Pakistan...Please gather here
  misplaced - 03/23/08 19:17
  dams - 03/31/06 00:52

Hi all,

I have added for the benefit of few who are applying for J1
visa.I also have few queries.if anyone of you know about it
plz reply to this message.

step-1:Get the Letter of offer either by post or by fax
step-2:Sign the letter of offer and make photocopies of it
step-3:Get the statement of need
STATEMENT OF NEED:(for indians)
1.Photocopy of signed letter of offer
2.Covering letter or requisition letter
3.Photocopy of your passport name page
4.written assurance letter..the format is available at the
following website

Address:(as of 30.03.2006)
Mrs.Anita puri
Undersecretary(international co-operation)
Room no:752-A
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Nirman Bhavan
New Delhi 110 011.
phone no: 0(91)11-2306 1945

Approximate duration:takes anywhere between 2 days to a week.

Step-4: To get form DS-2019 from ECFMG..Follow the steps..

step-5: Read the fact sheet and go through the application
materials under
ESVP in the webpage

step-5: Take a print out of the application materials from

step-6: Fill section-A of the application form only.
One clarification: 10.Health and Accident
insurance.Mostly this is sponsored by Hospital.if
not we have to purchase private coverage.How to do
it? Any Inputs will be appreciated.Check with the
program coordinator.

step-7: Prepare the following Documents:
1.Signed Letter of offer
2.Application form for initial sponsorship(with section-A
3.Statement of need
4.Current C.V (it is preferable to use new one,as it
requires history to date..ERAS cv may not be up to
5.Copy of passport name page
6.200$ administrative fee(check or Money order
payable to 'ECFMG'..or else pay by credit account
summary-Make a payment On-line)
7.Return Airbill for expedited delivery to the TPL(mostly
Program Co-ordinator)
How to get this????..plz add if you know it..
8.if you have any dependent,fill the J-2 dependent visa
sponsorship application

Some Additional Documents which the program
coordinator may ask for:(do not mail originals)
1.Medical school transcript
2.Medical school diploma
3.Ecfmg certificate
4.Dean's letter(if not included in ERAS file)
5.Two letters of recommendation(if not included in
ERAS file)

step-8: Send the above documents to the TPL(Program
Coordinator) Not to the ECFMG.. Preferably by
Courier as time is the key to get the DS-2019(as it
takes 4-6 weeks).
DHL gives 50% concession for University related
services..takes generally 3-4 days to reach the
program coordinator..

step-9: TPL(Program coordinator) will review the filled
section-A and fill the section-B.It is they who send our
application forms to ECFMG..Hope i'm right..

step-10: After 4-6 weeks,ECFMG will send our DS-2019 form
to TPL(Program Coordinator)..It is for this purpose
we have to send the return airbill so that it can reach
the TPL faster..ECFMG is not authorised to release
this directly to the applicant..

step-11: TPL will send the DS-2019 to us..Request TPL to send
it by courier rather by regular mail..

step- 12: Pay DHS SEVIS FEE..log on to the electronic form
I-901 and submit a credit card payment of 100$
is a must before visa interview..

step-13: Fix an appointment for J-1 visa with the local US
consulate through

Almost all of us will be eligible for emergency
appointment as we will get our DS- 2019 by may
end.Presently VFS in india is in a transition for 4-6
weeks as far as the emergency appointment is
concerned.Hope this gets alright by may end..if not
write to VFS and to US consulate seeking
emergency appointment.There is no way you can fix
an appointment now itself without having your DS-
2019..So lets not be concerned about the lack of
appointment slots during may and june..

step-14: Prior to confirming a visa interview appointment
online or at any US Visa Application Centre, you
need to pay the following fees and obtain a Visa Fee
Receipt from HDFC Bank.When going to HDFC Bank,
please carry with you a photocopy of the 1st page of
the applicant's passport

The fees payable at HDFC Bank per passport are: -

1.Visa Application Fee (MRV Fee): $100 in Indian Rupee
equivalent at consular rate of exchange. Rupee amount at
current rate of exchange (Rs. 46) is Rs 4,600/-
This fee is payable in cash or by DD/HDFC Bank cheque
favouring “US Embassy - Visa Fees”. DDs issued by cooperative
banks are not accepted.

2.VFS’ Service Charge: Rs 276/- (inclusive of Service Tax @
10% and Education Cess Tax @ 0.2%)
This fee is payable in cash or by DD/HDFC Bank cheque
favouring “HDFC Bank a/c VFS”. DDs issued by cooperative banks
are not accepted.
IMPORTANT: The fee receipt gets activated 2 working days from
date of issue. Do not attempt to take an appointment till
The above fees are not refundable. HDFC Bank’s fee receipt can
be used to make an appointment within 1 year from date of
issue. The receipt is deemed as utilized once the interview
has taken place, and cannot be used to make a subsequent
3. Visa Issuance fee is not required for J-1 visa

step-15: Before appearing for interview ensure the following
documents are with you..
Mandatory Requirements:
1. Valid passport. You are recommended to have passport valid
for at least six months beyond your interview date.
2. One photograph as per specification.
3. Original signed form DS-156
4.Original Form DS-157
5.Original form DS-158 if applicable.
6.Valid HDFC Bank visa fee receipt
7.Interview appointment letter

Other Documents:
1. SEVIS generated Form DS-2019 in original, approved and
signed by the University authority.
2. Proof of payment of SEVIS Fee Receipt I-901, if applicable.

3. Evidence of financial resources.
4. If you are being funded by an Organization (Indian or
American), a letter from the organization explaining what
funding will be provided.
5. Original Bachelor degree transcripts or high school diploma
along with mark sheets from previous institutions attended.
6.Letter of offer from the Program.

USMLE evaluation sheets
ECFMG certificate
No objection certificate from the present employer
Travel Itinerary

For Dependents:

1.Passport, visa fee receipt issued by HDFC Bank and interview
appointment letter.
2. Individual Form DS-2019 in original approved and signed by
the University authority.
3. A copy of the Form DS-2019 of the Principal Applicant.
4. Photocopy of the principal applicant’s valid visa (if
applying separately).
5. Original Marriage certificate (for spouse) along with your
entire wedding photo album.
6. Original Birth certificate (for each child).
7. Additional financial resources to support the dependents.

step-16: Get Your visa stamped on your Passport..WISH YOU GOOD

STEP-17: Plz correct me if i'm wrong and try to answer the
queries if possible..
Add additional info if any..
Thanks for the patient reading..

take care..
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