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* what to answer
  matchyupi - 10/06/08 11:24
  if we are asked about any other IVs ?
are we supposed them that it is the only even if we had some other IVs
or tell thruth if we had other IVs
or tell no other if nothing else beside that one

thank u v much friends
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* Re:what to answer
  hellousa - 10/06/08 11:28
  Tell the truth no matter what.  
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* Re:what to answer
  drabcd76 - 10/06/08 11:30
  Yes. Tell them the truth. That will not harm.  
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* Re:what to answer
  arlete - 10/06/08 11:31
  The truth.  
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* Re:what to answer
  matchyupi - 10/06/08 12:20
  thank you for replies.

well., but if the PD asks : in case of other IVs , so what let us know that you r going to join ours and not the other progm?

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* Re:what to answer
  ghost - 10/06/08 12:28
  i dont think they will ask like that unless you mention you are going to join them.
they know we are going to rank them after weighing pros and cons.
they are going to rank us too.
if you really like the program, you explain why you like it and why you dont like others and that you are willing to join them out of the match if such opportunity exists.
if you are still weighing, just let them know as such.
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