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* Cheating on the USMLE
  cheaterhater - 07/19/08 13:47
  Does anyone know what measures are being taken to weed out cheaters in the residency process. I personally know of one person who had access to all the questions and scored a 99 on the exam on the first try. Based on my personal experience with this person, I know that she could not have done it on her own...I think that it would be a shame if this person was allowed into the US medical community. Are there any ways to report cheaters?  
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* Re:Cheating on the USMLE
  docbv - 07/19/08 18:48
  what are you talking about?  
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* Re:Cheating on the USMLE
  xtralarge - 07/19/08 20:59
  what u talking about?i don't think its true  
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* Re:Cheating on the USMLE
  knopochka - 07/20/08 00:03
  i don't think it is possible. how can you do it if USMLE is computer exam. If it was on a paper as used to be....may be but not now.  
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* Re:Cheating on the USMLE
  okieowl - 07/20/08 09:39
  Hey you need to go to a Psych Evaluation... ?  
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* Re:Cheating on the USMLE
  1412 - 07/22/08 00:53
  even i heard some people making others write the exam instead of them.where can we report s?  
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* Re:Cheating on the USMLE
  zaria - 07/31/08 17:32
From the 2008 USMLE Bulletin, All Irregular behaviors should be reported either by writing or telephone as given below. all efforts must be made to stamp out cheating in USMLE exams. You have my 100% support !!

USMLE Secretariat
3750 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-3190
Telephone: (215) 590-9700

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* Re:Cheating on the USMLE
  drtweetybird - 08/03/08 15:31
  Why worry about a cheater?

If they really did cheat, it will show in their interview, and if they make it through the interview it will show in their performance in the program.

Let life sort them out.

Because if a person cheats and got 99 and you are worrying about it, then that means you didnt get 99 yourself, which means the place you think they stole is not a place you would have gotten anyway.

How can you be so sure that the person cheated? Unless you were in on the cheating scam yourself.

You make sure you are 100% correct, and not envious that someone got a better grade.
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* Re:Cheating on the USMLE
  mvrk - 08/11/08 18:57
  Please tell me how to cheat on the USMLE. I don't care if it bothers all of you.  
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* Re:Cheating on the USMLE
  avandia - 08/13/08 21:19
  How cheating is possiple in medicine?
Let us say somebody may cheat on the exam( a very remote possibility).He/she cann't cheat
on clinical experience because all his/her fault will be revealed on patients who are being
In medicine a doctor can not make fraud or trick more than once.The field of medicine is not like politics.It is impossiple to play with life.Doctors are dealing with life or death.
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* Re:Cheating on the USMLE
  tejaspc - 08/14/08 03:38
  @ mvrk
contact ECFMG and ask the paper

some ppl just want cheap publicity !
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