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* How use usmleworld for 2-3 step thinking questions
  peptide - 06/16/09 03:32
  Friends, I am going to sign up for usmleworld, but I have a concern and need your expert guidance.
I know usmleworld is a hard question bank. Everybody says it is a MUST to use. My friends say the questions are level 3 or 4 order thinking. So usemlworld is good for the HARD questions but what about the "Easier" questions?

How can I use usmleworld to answer questions that require lower order questions? Like the 1 > 2 step thinking. Will the reviewing the explanations and right/wrong answers help with answering the "easy 1-2 step" questions? I think the real exam is really 2 > 3 step thinking with some direct recall questions.

Hard is good but we still need to know how to answer the bulk of the easy - medium questions and I wanted to know how usmleworld can help me with doing that. Or if there are other questions that I should look into for that. I only have 45 days preparation time available from my school.

Please guide me!

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* Re:How use usmleworld for 2-3 step thinking questi
  peptide - 06/16/09 15:37
  Does anyone have any approach on this situation? I'd really like to know!
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* Re:How use usmleworld for 2-3 step thinking questi
  high_hope - 06/17/09 00:10
  As far as I've heard, reading the usmleworld explanations are sufficient to get through the easy/medium questions and you don't require any other qbank.

Also, I'm in a similar position and have roughly 40 days to prepare for my step, too. Due to the time constraint, I'm concerned about the best method to get the most out of such a short prep period. If you (peptide) or anyone else would advise me on any tips to get the task accomplished, I would greatly appreciate it!
Thanks in advance!
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* Re:How use usmleworld for 2-3 step thinking questi
  prototype - 06/17/09 05:19
  usmleworld was for step2 then they made step 1 and everyone went overwhelming about it - i`d done it too and gave exam only 6% was uw - rest was stuff that was not in uw and 20% from first aid .

what i suggest do kaptest first then do assessment test of uw they are two by uw so do them both and NEVER NEVER NEVER appear in exam without doing NBME cuz thats what real thing is .if not in 70- 78% score delay exam you are not ready go back to books and questions .
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* Re:How use usmleworld for 2-3 step thinking questi
  peptide - 06/17/09 09:10
  I subscribed to UW two days ago. As I am going through some of the questions from a subject based approach it still goes back to my initial question/statement. I understand that you can use usmleworld as a learning tool. The explanations are probably the most thorough that I have encountered, which is good.

The questions are challenging. I did not mean that while during the test we would be thinking that this is a 2 or 3 step question but rather that much of the reasoning or thought process still requires a solid mental pool of facts. I will agree that our brain subconsciously will process that.

Whether it be a direct or indirect question : if your mental database is low, arriving to an answer can be somewhat difficult.

For example, a question might list signs, symptoms in the vignette/stem. The question was asking you about a particular lab value that might be present/absent/inc/decreased,etc. Now if you didn't know the disease related to the signs or symptoms or even better, the answer choices only talk about one particular lab factor that you completely forgot or couldn't recall, you're screwed!

It seems that usmleworld has been great for many, but I believe it's much more beneficial for those that already have a good knowledge base to break into higher 3 digit scores. Meaning if someone is scoring below borderline pass on NBME for example, their knowledge is weaker to apply to many of the 1-2-3-4 step thought process questions.

If someone is weaker in such things and getting low qbank scores, comprehensive review material such as Kaplan for CONCEPTS with first aid for the FACTS is key. I don't think it's as important to repeat Kaplan material but rather REPEAT, REPEAT first aid after going through the general material first. That is the terrible task. Everybody says know first aid, or First Aid helped me - easy to say, hard to do - every line can be tested from first aid in some way or manner. That's why people say after their test, oh I know it was somewhere in that book.

The test is timed, we have only X seconds to rapidly read, think about what it is they are talking about, and then come to a conclusion. So those facts need to be at our fingertip ready.

I think this is where my problem comes through, and what others similarly face but might not be aware of. I wanted to see how others deal with recall. My knowledge database is weak at times for some subjects or it's something that I completely forgot after a first or even second read. Concepts are one part of the story. I'm getting those from Kaplan. It's all the associated details and facts which still get me and what I am emphasizing above for others to realize and share their opinion from. I guess I need to go through First Aid as an adjunct to usmleworld and start memorizing those facts via repetition. Maybe an easier qbank is beneficial like qbank or even usmlerx. Those are lower order questions but I hear kaplan is trying to be like usmleworld now and they are still known to test strange things and stuff from their lectures which at times lose focus on what is needed for the boards.

It seems time consuming to have first aid and usemlworld side by side to annotate. Especially trying to find some of the things in first aid is tedious. Yes the test has maybe 40-60% reasoning and application skills but there is still a lot that you need memorized too.

If anyone cares to comment or share thoughts, that would be nice
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* Re:How use usmleworld for 2-3 step thinking questi
  peptide - 06/17/09 09:13
  I want to add that doing questions will help as others noted in our brain subconsciously going through certain steps of thinking.  
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* Re:How use usmleworld for 2-3 step thinking questi
  prototype - 06/17/09 13:52
  peptide good you are writting it fr yourself and others -like i said i`ll repeat i been in exam so i know ho it goes down there - question in real exam are not like usmleworld ( sorry to break that to you) uw is like GRAYS anatomy , very time consuming but if you`ve done some smaller local authors of snell you`ve done almost same as in the end it gonna break into your memorization .Kaptest is improved A LOOT problem is most and most of people download qbank thats like 4-5 years old and then claim kaplan is od - kaplan gives you 3 out 5 easy question but 2 are real deal and thats your warmup after 3 tough 2 real deal ques comes it also helps to hide tough ques in easy ones .out of 10 you`ll see 1 out of coe question but uw is full of it too .There like 3/5 question are with material that you`ll not be tested

Run a clock ( not on booted version - the guys who bought both banks ) compare 50 q of kaplan ------ 30 min including all explanations

UW--------- 1 :30 min to do same 50 question block

in the end none of these qbanks will increase your chance of getting high scores in real exam as NBME is key to success nothing else
Again i repeat ( as i know people have tendency to forget ) NBME IS KEY TO SUCCESS if not doing it in 80% you gonna fail guys so NEVER NEVER appear in exam without it - then don`t post later and claim why you didn`t score high or failed and its your fault - you just didn`t listen .

Hopefully if all this helped just a single person it`ll worth my time .

Good Lucj guys and God bless

Keep me in your prayers !!!
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* Re:How use usmleworld for 2-3 step thinking questi
  prototype - 06/19/09 01:29
  DrFF don`t listen to audio its overwhelming i know you are at this moment inhigh spirits and want to do it all in no time ,actually there was few guys who posted whole golan audio by typing while listening to it word by word - thats what you and everyone needs .as you need to be active lerner - videos not gonna help anyone as its passive learning - be a hammer head - if can`t get it then surf youtube or google i`m sure everything is there or post on this form or prepusmle forum ....etc guys over there will help you - No videos - no USMLEWORLD for step 1 , and not too much kaplan

FA+MED ESSENTIAL + KAPTEST+Goljan ( if can`t read it as its very bulky start with questions as Rapid review questions by Goljan are not like UW and read all those points from side of book - mark one day just to read all those points from book and make notes of imp one and post it on rapidshare and link it here - as you suppose to help others too .
i`ve ques from kaptest but they are old so when i did i subcribed so sorry no links for legal material i `ll recommend everyone to buy this stuff even NBME .it worth it and you `ll realise it when you`ll compare it with boot legs

Rx is good bank but no wikinotes as you don`t have time like forever so stick to kaptest first then Rx or studentconsult both are same and if still time then uw can be tried instead of wikitest.hope it help
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