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* Extension of eligibility period
  a310108 - 07/19/09 00:26
I extended my eligibility period once through the swine flu epidemic issue. My extended eligibility period ends on 31 st Aug. Can I still apply for one more extension?
The IWA lets me apply, but the bulletin says that it is a one time extension only.
Anybody who has applied for extension twice?
Please advise................
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* Re:Extension of eligibility period
  swapnareddy - 07/24/09 10:00
  for me its 1month how can they take 1 month for all....i dont know whats happening....i think they have fixed time to decide....july 31st is deadline according to ecfmg previous statemnts...wait n watch...GL  
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* Re:Extension of eligibility period
  swapnareddy - 07/24/09 10:03

they said its 1 month to answer ur faxed it just to answer ur fax or to tell their decison......ECFMG is great...i dont know how they are handling this world with just 1 fax number and 1 phone number...i think its NOT fair....they collect dollars of dollars but contacting ecfmg is NOT easy by students....
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* Re:Extension of eligibility period
  highhopes99 - 07/24/09 10:11 month to tell their decision.In their 1st announcement they said july 31 is deadline but they didnt mention any date in june 16th announcement.They are not even entertaining the calls pertaining this matter.I called them on the pretext of confirming if my fax has been received or not n that lady told me that it may take upto one month for them to tell their decision.
When does ur eligibility period end otherwise? Are u in India?
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* Re:Extension of eligibility period
  swapnareddy - 07/24/09 10:26

ECFMG in latest notice on JUNE 16 2009 DID NOT mention anydate/deadline.This implies anyone with period beyond july 31st also can ask request for extension BUT ECFMG is NOT highlighting that issue bcz ECFMG dont want extra burden of work by this extension issue....this is actual thinng i think...regarding my permit it ends on august...u read this forum totally then u know abt me.....iam not able to read for step-1 bcz of this mind is not stable now
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* Re:Extension of eligibility period
  highhopes99 - 07/24/09 10:32
  Ok sure...i will read it.
If I can be of any help ever,It would be a pleasure.
Will pray for u.
Bye n GL
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* Re:Extension of eligibility period
  swapnareddy - 07/24/09 11:07
  anyone got extension  
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* Re:Extension of eligibility period
  terebin108 - 07/26/09 10:49
  hi guys, i'm in the same shoes as well! i got first extension for swine flu until aug 31st. I had emailed them last week asking for another extension cuz there has been some other outbreak here in ontario. I'm just waiting for a response back from them. Could someone please email me at and explain about the procedure etc.  
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* Re:Extension of eligibility period
  bilimora - 07/31/09 10:37
  Anyone received extension? I am waiting for my second extension.  
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* Re:Extension of eligibility period
  lanky - 08/06/09 12:55
  hey, did u get second extension thorugh swine flu?
pl let me know if u are ok.
coz i want to extend like u.
tks a lot.
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