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* Free IMG externship list ..screw you FMGAFFORDABLE
  rayment - 02/27/09 14:03
  IMG observership and externship list for IMGs in THE USA using my awesome google-fu
Natividad Medical Center Program
Salinas, CA
Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Program
Colton, CA
Columbia University (Med)

Contact person is Mr. Leon Bynum 212-305-1642

Wilson Memorial Regional Medical Center(Med)

James R. Fowler, Jr.

Mount Sinai Medical System(Med)
Griffin Hospital(Med)
USF Dept. of Internal Medicine

Cheryl Beckler (813-974-4881 or She schedules all the observerships in the Department of Internal Medicine (no externships offered)
Orlando Regional health care(Med)

The medical student must be insured with
his or her own medical malpractice insurance, while doing his or her
You must have proof of insurance when you apply for clerkship.
You could go into and print out the clerkship application.

Aracelis Febo
Residency Coordinator
University of Miami(Med)

Andrea Ruiz
University of Miami (R-760)
Department of Medicine
Dominon Towers, Suite 807D
P.O. Box 016760
Miami, FL 33101
(305) 243-8273 Office
(305) 243-5819 Fax
Tufts Medical School(Med)
Weill Medical College of Cornell University(Med)

Myndie Friedman
Program Administrator
Weill Medical College of Cornell University
Dept. of Surgery
212-746-6591 ph
212-746-8802 fax
Carolinas Medical Center (Surgery)

UNC Chapel Hill the contact person
Leanne Shook her number is 919-962-8338

UVM College of Medicine / Fletcher Mount Sinai(Surgery)

(802) 847-2566 - FAX (802) 847-9528

VCUHS - MCV Campus(Surgery)

Externships are handled by our School of Medicne. Their # is 804-828-9784. If you are interested in an observorship, you will need to contact the specific division of surgery you are interested in to inquire. Please visit our website at for a list of surgery divisions and contact information.
Ms. Fonda Heath
General Surgery Residency Coordinator
VCUHS - MCV Campus
P.O. Box 980135
Richmond, VA 23298
(804) 828-2755 phone
(804) 828-5595 fax

Flecher Allen Health Care (Surgery)

Diantha Langmaid

Surgery Resident Coordinator

UVM College of Medicine / Fletcher Allen Health Care

(802) 847-2566 - FAX (802) 847-9528
Aultman Hospital(GYN)

Beth Schmaltz
OB/GYN Residency & Clerkship Coordinator
Aultman Hospital
OB/GYN Department
2600 Sixth Street SW
Canton OH 44710
(330) 363-6214 Phone
(330) 363-5228 Fax
Providence hospital in Washington DC

David Svinarich, PhD
Director of Patient Care Services
Providence Hospital and Medical Centers
16001 West Nine Mile Road
Southfield, MI 48075
248.849.5805 (phone)
Email inquiries can be sent to:


University of Washington Surgery Externship

Clerkship Coordinator: Anna Nonis

Phone: (206) 685-0975
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* Re:Free IMG externship list ..screw you FMGAFFORDA
  olowo - 02/27/09 14:17
  Nicely done. I think it will be nice if people can add to this.

I know Healthpartners MN offers observerships only but you have to be willing to find a doctor within the system that is willing to have you shadow/observe but the rest is free. Will post the full details once I have acess to my diary.
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* Re:Free IMG externship list ..screw you FMGAFFORDA
  dr_tia - 02/27/09 14:23
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* Re:Free IMG externship list ..screw you FMGAFFORDA
  hunk - 02/27/09 14:44
  loved the term "google-fu"
good job!
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* Re:Free IMG externship list ..screw you FMGAFFORDA
  rayment - 03/24/09 11:13
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* Re:Free IMG externship list ..screw you FMGAFFORDA
  manar - 03/17/11 11:34
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* Re:Free IMG externship list ..screw you FMGAFFORDA
  docoo - 03/01/12 21:19

but providence is wrong

there are 2 diff hospitals, providence in DC and providence in Southfield, Michigan
One above shouldnt say DC.
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* how 2 apply for usce?
  rancho89 - 03/15/12 07:13
  hi .got 82 in step 1 and need advice 4 usce in research or externship or clerckship.plz guide me how 2 apply and is there any link 4 that?  
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* Re:Free IMG externship list ..screw you FMGAFFORDA
  usmletalk - 03/15/12 08:01
  Columbia's Department of Psychiatry provides Research Observership (Shadowing) Positions for international medical students or graduates of training programs in medical specialties. The goal of this program is to provide international medical students with the opportunity to witness clinical research as an example of the American psychiatric medical system. The length of these experiences will be determined according to the activity selected.

Physicians wishing to gain observer status must first identify a mentor whom they wish to observe. Final approval is granted by the mentor if the applicant meets the necessary requirements.

For More Information Contact:

Mr. Jose Gomez
Director of International Medical Students & Residents Rotations
New York State Psychiatric Institute and Columbia University
1051 Riverside Drive
New York, NY. 10032
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* Re:Free IMG externship list ..screw you FMGAFFORDA
  mery - 03/15/12 12:02
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* Re:Free IMG externship list ..screw you FMGAFFORDA
  dokb - 03/15/12 12:06
  The psych observership in Columbia costs several thousand bucks a month.  
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