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* malignant residency
  runningman - 06/08/09 19:17
  I keep reading about "malignant residencies" in this forum! What exactly is a malignant residency and what criteria has to be present (or absent) for a program to be malignant?
I'm curious to know!
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* Re:malignant residency:Caritas Carney Hospital MA
  drmurliprasadsharma - 06/08/09 20:48
  State: MA
Program: Caritas Carney Hospital,Dorchester, MA
Internal Medicine program

Why: (actually long list) Extremely malignant program..last yr they fired an intern...she ended up suing the program...finally they made her repeat the internship..this yr they targeted another person who is my close friend from med school...firstly she started late, coz of visa issues...which were beyond her control....n second she is not racial discrimination...program is.totally dominated by a Colombian group of residents..esp the chief resident Ana Maria Rivera.absolutely no teaching....all they do is partying and boozing...PD is a moribund oldie, who has no hold over program or residents...asso pd Dr. goetzler is a cynic whimscial woman guided by these colombian house staff.....

They find fault wiht smallest possible things and made life a living hell for my friend for 5 months..she decided to switch and applied elsewhere, interviewed in other places,.tried to go to another program but they kept her saying they didnt wanna lose her and madeher sign the pgy2 contract.....soon after work conditions became even worse.....they were totally against her and things went from bad to worse.....and working conditions are totally hostile includieng a few attendings esp the icu chief ....Dr. Badlissi...

Last month, they forced her to sign a letter of probation( and also take a psychiatric evaluation too whichshe unfortunately agreed to safeguard her spot in the program...) on minor grounds saying that they would watch for another 3 wks before promoting her....meanwhile it was hard to find another position its almost the end of the year...some attendings were supportive but basically asso pd runs the show...her career is endangered....she wants to successfully complete residency doesn't know how ...but certainly not in this program..

i wud advise all of u against applying for this program...also fyi she told me that their accreditation is uncertain...asso pd has been asked by acgme to prove accreditation status..and if acgme comes to know of these thigns they may shut down the program....
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* Re:malignant residency
  doc39 - 06/08/09 20:58
  wow, that's crazy stuff...almost hard to imagine that such things would go down in a residency program. thank You for sharing however.
and i do hope it all turns out a ok for your friend ! wish her/him all the best, she/he deserves it after all this.
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* Re:malignant residency
  shreyanshjimmy - 06/08/09 21:27
  thats unbelievable--psyciatric consultation --wow, wonder whats next!I wish luck to your friend  
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* Re:malignant residency
  shreyanshjimmy - 06/08/09 21:29
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* Re:malignant residency
  dddd1 - 06/08/09 23:00
  this proves beyond doubt that residency here in usa is in doldrum and all a hype

group of people trying to destroy other people and communities, can you believe that

just like AIG as I said before, country is in recession but they take bonuses 150 million dollars for sitting on table,Many of pd need a psych evaluation ,very soon many more programs who abuse resident will be exposed

Just make people aware, acgme is a puppet organistaion,cant do nothing

Many of residency are run by grouo of communities, and they are destroying other people,asking for psych evaluation,can you believe that?

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* Re:malignant residency
  darwin - 06/09/09 08:32
Sincere advice for IMG from Asia -

Avoid MA for doing residency if you can ..
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* Re:malignant residency
  runningman - 06/10/09 16:21
  ok, my question is still unanswerd!!! I just wanted to know what the term ""malignant residency" mean and why is it called as such, and how did the term come about, not which programs are malignant!  
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* Re:malignant residency
  shreyanshjimmy - 06/10/09 17:16
  runnigman ,just stop and think!if you still dont get it ----- no use asking the same thing --you will never know  
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* Re:malignant residency
  zigler - 06/11/09 12:52
  when prgram tries to screw a resident, see  
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* Re:malignant residency
  zigler - 06/11/09 12:52
  when program tries to screw a resident, see  
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