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* Step 3 score - Midnight
  radio1 - 07/01/09 00:51
  So, i lurked around this board for the last week because of a timing issue with my step 3 results. I was constantly trying to find out how long results would take to get here. I figure some other people have the same question.

I needed the step 3 result to start PGY3, which starts tomorrow morning and my program had actually began to fill out termination paperwork, so timing for this was critical. I received my result at exactly 12:01 am on the third wednesday after my exam. 3 weeks to the day. This is of course July 1 so I can go to bed now and go to work tomorrow as usual. Talk about last minute!

I thought i had screwed up 3-4 cases of CCS, and I definitely did, but its not all that is needed to pass. I forgot to write some major orders on the CCS portion and still passed safely. So don't go crazy if you mess up a couple cases. It is still possible to pass.

Since people always ask and I for once would like to make a contribution to the boards since i silently read them and never post, here was my prep:

UW - about 56-64 % on random timed blocks - did about 1000 questions total.
Did all the CCS cases once. 2 of my CCS cases were not in the UW practice. The other 7 were straight from it.
NBME one week out - 390
USMLE CD - 79%
Step 3 score - 219/92.

Hope this helps someone out there. This was a torturous 3 weeks waiting for this result. I was petrified I failed. I think most people have this feeling. A lot of the test questions are ok and you know the answer right away, then the other half you just have no clue, narrow down to 2 choices and make an educated guess. But I never really had a good feeling about it and did ok. So I hope everyone else passes as well. Good luck to all.

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* Re:Step 3 score - Midnight
  rahul11 - 07/01/09 01:40
  congrates , halllllllllla bolllllllllllllllllllllll  
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* Re:Step 3 score - Midnight
  ritonavir - 07/01/09 13:10
  Congrtas radio1...
Good job...

Could you please share your CCS cases...
How many months have you prepared?
How should we prepare during the last month?
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* Re:Step 3 score - Midnight
  meti - 07/01/09 13:54
Great! congratulations!
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