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* didnt pass
  onmyside - 01/06/10 23:58
  i am IMG, didnt pass. result 182/74 . first time. had a serious anxiety issues 2 weeks to exam. was advised by friends to postpone but was defiant. On exam day, was completely blank. prior, did fa, uw average 54. took mbme 6 3weeks prior got 217. did nbme 1-4 offline used the posted answers to grade myself, got about 65% average ie total scores over 100. i wa so nervous, had no confidence but still went to take the exam. i thought it wasnt too hard really, sure of most of the answers, even checked answers i remember wheni got home and was right in most cases. i dont know what happened, i thought i was going to at least pass. i have never failed any exam in my life, only to fail the most important exam i have given in my life. i was devasted and is still in shock and i feel my future is shattered and my dreams have no matter how i remedy the situation, the record will remain with me for the rest of my life. i am so discouraged to continue this pursuit. i wish there is another field i know of, would have given up, but i cant just do anything else, i want to be a physician. can anyone help me on what i should do? i want to retake the exam in 2 months. what shoud i do? pls help.  
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* Re:didnt pass
  indeigal - 01/07/10 23:30
  Thanks onmyside. :) My short term memory is also empty, but trying to work afresh. Will re-evaluate myself in few days and then decide.

My story is same- scored very well all through school and went to one of the best med school in india- was always above average there, and now stuck and definitely frustrated- but not ready to give up just yet.

I wish you luck and success in all future endeavours. GL!
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* Re:didnt pass
  czechgirl07 - 01/08/10 04:26
  Hello, sorry to hear that....

I will be totaly honest with you....
I am a part of this year's MATCH and I watched a lot of people who spend a lot of money on all the exams and applications and did not get any interviews just because they failed in one of the steps..... not all, ofcourse, bt most, I would say (from watching the forum)

So I would say RECONSIDER. Failing is a big blow to your credentials. Less than 50% of IMGs match.... and there is a lot of people with 99/99/99. there really is. So do reconsider.

I do not know what your motivation is to move to work in the US and I do not know what other options you have... but if you are doing it for money or for pride - you might fail and be in debt and very hurt..... Reconsider! Ofcourse, if your husband/wife lives in the US or of you are a refugee.... you don' t have any other possibilities, and you will have to try and go on- but one thing I know for sure: Now that you failed, you will have it REALLY HARD!!!

Sorry.... I've seen a lot of people with bitter regrets....
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* Re:didnt pass
  zulika - 01/08/10 11:47
  czechgirl07, everyone has own way. We should go through our mistakes and fix them, it would not be easy, but if you have a goal - do not give up, go for it. I dont like the posts like czechgirl07 posted, I think you should keep your thoughts in yourself, do not share in post like that one, where people wants to hear more encorage ones.
I know a lot of lucky stories with 1-2 attempts to pass the steps and get residency. Now most important to pass with high score and get observanship in hospital, LORs.
Good luck for everyone.
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* Re:didnt pass
  swj2wj - 01/08/10 15:07
  I felt the same way as what you said on before, during and after the exam. So depressed. I think I'll fail too.

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