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* how to score nbme offlines??
  docmp - 06/18/10 14:57
  hi guys r u all scoring ur nbme offlines?? how many should u get correct per block to think u r ready for the exam?  
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* Re:how to score nbme offlines??
  rubi76 - 06/18/10 15:06
  I don't think offline answers are relaible at all .... last month I did NBME 5 and i scored 520 in the offline form ....then did it online at the official website and got 320 in the same day ....!
Yesterday I did NBME 3 ...both offline & online ... and got 620 & 450 ....the big difference freaked me out and made me consider reschaduling my test & even request extension of my eligibility peroid !
Either the answers provided by the guys here are incorrect ...or the official website does not grade the questions in an equal way .... i.e not all the questions are scored equally ... but according to the difficulty & importance of each question
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* Re:how to score nbme offlines??
  docmp - 06/18/10 15:18
  but how r u getting 3 digits score on offline??
i was hoping to know ,how many ans to get 35+/48??
any1 who's recently written the step,can u pls help...??
also did u solve nbme offline n then online of the same form?? if so,thn yes its scary!
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* Re:how to score nbme offlines??
  shonkhochil - 06/18/10 15:28
  I need to know this thing too...
and @rubi76- how you are scoring offline test in 3 digit form??
I took NBME 7 offline & my score was 38,36,34,36 in four blocks...
I am not sure how to put this on 3 score digit..
but @docmp- if you want to take the final exam I would say at least you should take 3 nbme online...
for offline matter I would say if you get around 35 avg in 4 block then take the online should be in good shape...
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* Re:how to score nbme offlines??
  shonkhochil - 06/18/10 15:31
  @rubi-- why you are taking the same exam offline & online???
I mean if you do it offline then you already know the answer...
it doesn't make any sense to pay for an exam when you have already taken it????
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* Re:how to score nbme offlines??
  rubi76 - 06/18/10 15:41
  Well... for the NBME .. there are 200 q ... and their sacore is 800 ... so theoretically each q equals to 4 points .... after u get the right answers of the 200 ... lets say 150 correct answers .. which is equal to 600/800 ... u go to the NBME tables and u will see that 600 is equal to 244 to three digit score that u might get in the real exam !
@shonkhochil .... i used to take the tests offline .. but when I took one of them online I was shocked .... so I decided to take them online and compare the answers provided by the ppl here for the offline forms .... ! I didn't actually take them both .. but compared the answers I did online with the answers provided here for offline forms !
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* Re:how to score nbme offlines??
  docmp - 06/18/10 16:02
  ok..but i think instead of checking the 3 digit score for offlines,isn't is better to just aim at 35+ in each block??
hey drock any suggestions..or any1 whose taking offlines n recently gave exams.
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* Re:how to score nbme offlines??
  shonkhochil - 06/18/10 16:59
  @rubi76- since you have taken those exam online by any chance do you have the right answers now? If you could post those answer that would be a great help for everybody...
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* Re:how to score nbme offlines??
  rubi76 - 06/18/10 17:45
  Nooooo NBME forms from 1 to 5 there's no feed back they don't give u the correct answer ..they just give u the score u get and leave u with the confusion ....! but today I was reading about their assessment .... they said :
bcz CBSSA is designed to be integrative many items contribute to more than one score category ...!
It means that some Q. are graded more than other Q ...! besides .... I think they deduct some point for each wrong answer .... in my case ...I got 44 questions wrong .... 44*2=88 deducted from 200 = 112 ie : 448 of 800 which is quite near the score they gave me (450) i think for each wrong answer they subtract 2 points instead of 1 !
That's what I assume and I could be wrong !
p.s for NBME forms 6,7 they give u a feed back with the wrong answers after paying 25$ extra !
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* Re:how to score nbme offlines??
  usmedipro - 06/18/10 19:34
  are you sure about negetive marking? As far as I know, there is no negetive marking for wrong answers. basicq, drock or anyone else on this plz?
I think trying to score above 35 in every block is good enough for a high 80's to low 90 and above 40 in every block would be even better for a high 90's- 99 .
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* Re:how to score nbme offlines??
  nacho - 06/18/10 20:52
  I took all nbme test, and the score i had on the real test was very very close.
If you want to calculate the score offline multiply the correct answers by 1.46 and that equals a 3 digit score.
If you have any question send me a mail to
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