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* 99/247 Step 1 result
  motherteresafan - 09/11/10 11:09
  Hey guys,
I just got my results back - 99/247 on Step 1 after an average Step 2 score of 213.
Would love to give back to the forum. Study time was 4 months, took Kaplan live lectures for the first 6 weeks and then self study, did Goljan Rapid Review, U world, First Aid and DIT. Will answer any queries. I am applying to IM this year so may be a little slow in responding but you guys are welcome to ask any questions.
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* Re:99/247 Step 1 result
  dokita027 - 09/11/10 11:45
  that was great score , can you please send me goljan rapid review?. email add is
share your preparation and exam experience.
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* Re:99/247 Step 1 result
  motherteresafan - 09/11/10 11:51
  I bought the Rapid Review Goljan from Ebay. I don't have a soft copy of that. Sorry.
My exam experience was actually very pleasant - I thought I was well prepared. I took a couple of online NBME tests before the exam and did about the same on all of them - 235 and 240 on the two. The exam was a good mix of every subject but you gotta know your path and physio COLD...
Had a couple of Audiovisual questions and a few slides from Path. Also had a couple of angiograms and brain gross sections.
I can answer specific questions that you guys may have.
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* Re:99/247 Step 1 result
  dokita027 - 09/11/10 11:58
  what is the best text for physio ?... i have been reading the soft copy of goljan... is it the same with rapid review?
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* Re:99/247 Step 1 result
  motherteresafan - 09/11/10 12:02
  Hey Dokita,
The best Text book for exam purposes is Costanza BRS physio but I only read the Kaplan 2010 edition book which is more than sufficient if you know it well.
The Goljan soft copy probably is old notes that are circulating over the internet. I don't think they are physio notes though, the are probably path.
I hope that answrs your query.
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* Re:99/247 Step 1 result
  adrianfadem - 09/11/10 12:07
  i like your name.... mother teresa fan....! how sweet! iv had the honor of seeing her in person ya know! : )

anyway... congratulations on the score!

could u pls tell us which two nbmes u took online? and how close to the test was that?
would you say that UW gave a nice feel of the test itself?
what about the questions with the lab values and calculations... insane or doable?

thank you for sharing!

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* Re:99/247 Step 1 result
  motherteresafan - 09/11/10 12:15
  Hey Adrian,
Cool. Thanx anyway.
The two NBME tests I took online were NBME 6 and 7.
They are almost as close to the exam style and format as any other source you will see. UW is great as usual, it prepares you very well for the test. I finished it once in tutor mode and then did all the marked and wrong questions again. The question lengths were variable, some very short ones and some long ones with Labs and calculations but very doable, I had about 15 minutes left in each block, I guess when you know your stuff, some questions will be just automatic but there is always gonna be some questions that will never make sense, so don't dwell on those for too long, just mark and move on.
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* Re:99/247 Step 1 result
  docmedra - 09/11/10 12:20
Congrats for ur results !!! can you explain, how did u study Goljan ??? I've been studying it and can't seem to remember.......
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* Re:99/247 Step 1 result
  adrianfadem - 09/11/10 12:21
  got it!
great advice!

Kudos to you! : )

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* Re:99/247 Step 1 result
  motherteresafan - 09/11/10 12:25
  Hey DocMedra,
I did Goljan audio lectures first and then used Rapid Review mostly the sidebar notes and made my own flashcards for the same. The idea is to go over those as many times as you can plus for me writing means another step in learning, so try making flashcards for stuff you don't remember.

Adrian, good luck to you, I saw that you are trying to help folks in the forum already, thats nice and don't hesitate to email me if you need any advice -
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* Re:99/247 Step 1 result
  adrianfadem - 09/11/10 12:36
  thank you for your kind words and email... i have made a note of it.. mail you in a few weeks : )

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