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* nbme 7 doubt?
  dr_23585id - 10/06/10 14:35
  A male newborn born at 30 weeks' gestation is admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit. His grandmother insists that the child be given chamomile tea to treat his complications of prematurity. She gets agitated when the nursing staff tries to assure her that he is being cared for appropriately. She requests that her grandson be transferred to another physician at another hospital. At the grandmother's insistence, she and the child's mother meet with the physician to discuss the grandmother's requests. After the physician listens to the grandmother's reason for wanting to use the tea, which of the following approaches is most appropriate?

A)Explain that the tea will increase the child's risk for developing sloughing of the gastrointestinal mucosa

B)Gain the grandmother's support by acknowledging that she probably knows best and tell her that the tea will be administered, but fail to do so

C)Inform the mother and the grandmother of the physician's credentials to assure them that the child is getting the best care possible

D)Negotiate a plan to give the tea when the child's gastrointestinal tract will allow administration of liquids
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* Re:nbme 7 doubt?
  dr_23585id - 10/06/10 14:35
  has anyone done this in the extended form?  
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* Re:nbme 7 doubt?
  heparin124 - 10/06/10 15:59
  d is correct  
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* Re:nbme 7 doubt?
  borreliaburgdorferi - 10/06/10 16:32
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