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* uk?
  hncl - 09/03/10 06:45
  Any UK citizens out there?  
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* Re:uk?
  preceptor3 - 09/03/10 08:23
  How about doing PLAB and going to UK,

Let the brits hassle with usmle, ecfmg, eras , match and this crazy, lengthy, expensive Process

By the way, is UK system simpler or more complex and expensive?
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* Re:uk?
  hncl - 09/03/10 08:31
  Hi preceptor3 -

I am not sure of the route for IMG's in the UK as I am a citizen of the UK - I would think it is similar but not positive.

What have you applied for?
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* Re:uk?
  preceptor3 - 09/03/10 08:35
  Radiology & Surgery..

How about u?
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* Re:uk?
  hncl - 09/03/10 08:37
  Prelim year and Ophthalmology, good luck!  
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* Re:uk?
  fmg_007 - 09/03/10 08:38
  hey hncl .... fellow UK too.... good luck!

preceptor3: the UK exams (plab) are not as tedious as the usmle...their residency programs though are a different story (changing hospitals) all together but they are in the process of fixing that
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* Re:uk?
  hncl - 09/03/10 08:40
  Hi fmg_007! Thanks, good luck to you too! what are you applying for?  
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* Re:uk?
  fmg_007 - 09/03/10 08:46
  hncl : I'm applying to peds.
I saw your scores etc on a separate post, i think you have gr8 credentials for Ophthalmology.
I am a 2002 grad (not considered good :( ) and have worked in UK (SHO) but had to immigrate to the US for family reasons.
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* Re:uk?
  hncl - 09/03/10 08:50
  Hi fmg_007 -

Thanks, I hope my scores etc will help, Im a bit nervous! I want to move to the US as well for family, wife is American and we are still in UK! Im an ST2 in ophtho here - is this your first time applying?
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* Re:uk?
  fmg_007 - 09/03/10 08:56
  Yeah - my case is similar, spouse is US based and yes i'm applying for the first time....though i'm still in a dilemma as to whether i should apply right away or wait till October (too late??)
I am writing CK at the end of Sept and only have 1 LOR in the system.
My creds are: Step1:98, CS:pass, 1 LOR (rest coming end of this month!)
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* Re:uk?
  hncl - 09/03/10 09:02
  I am not sure, I think it is ok to wait but not later than mid-october.
Your credentials so far look good for Peds, this is all very stressful I know!

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