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* Form 327-A
  fmg_007 - 09/14/10 12:00
  My school is getting ready to send the 327 back to ECFMG (finally) confirming the verification. Question: Does the school also need to include transcripts along with the 327?
I had already mailed in a copy of my transcripts to ECFMG earlier in August.
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* Re:Form 327-A
  shankiep - 09/14/10 12:19
  Your school should mail a new transcript with the form or else you will be back to square 1. hope this helps  
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* Re:Form 327-A
  fmg_007 - 09/14/10 12:26
  ok, but was just wondering b/c they have already scanned my transcripts and i see it on my ERAS under "my documents".
My school participates in electronic transmission of documents so they previously received the xripts.
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* Re:Form 327-A
  shankiep - 09/14/10 12:28
  alrite then, i guess that takes care of it  
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* Re:Form 327-A
  fmg_007 - 09/14/10 12:34
  thank goodness... because getting a paper copy of xripts frm my school means i will have to wait till 2012 match!!  
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* Re:Form 327-A
  fmg_007 - 09/14/10 12:42
  hopefully ecfmg certification will be quicker than the "8 weeks" as ECFMG states once they receive my 327  
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* Re:Form 327-A
  drrogerfederer - 09/14/10 13:23
  I think transcripts have to be sent with degree verification in addition to transcripts sent to ERAS.  
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* Re:Form 327-A
  fmg_007 - 09/14/10 14:06
  @drrogerfederer , but i don't get the point - my transcripts are already in their system - including ERAS post office  
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* Re:Form 327-A
  shankiep - 09/14/10 14:11
  well, if u can get a paper transcript again, maybe u should, just to be on a safe side. My ECFMG verification took a week and 4 days. suprised? once u have the form with them, wait for a week and give them a call. i bet it will be done in additional 2-3 days. That was what i did  
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* Re:Form 327-A
  fmg_007 - 09/14/10 15:12
  good tip about the verification- thanks.
requesting xcripts from my school takes ages to process, that's why I'm trying to see if they will make do with the xcripts already in their sys
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* Re:Form 327-A
  drrogerfederer - 09/14/10 15:35
  You dont have to send the originals. Send an attested copy. I hope you have the copies. And yes now I am sure we have to send transcripts with degree verification too. just consulted a senior. (Atleast its true for my medschool)  
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