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* USMLE Step 3 NBME and UWSA Score Correlation
  residency31 - 04/23/10 17:24
  I just took my NBME Comprehensive Clinical Form exam and got 290. Does anyone know what this score would correlate to as a three digit step 3 score? I also took the USMLE world self assessment exam and got 430 which is equivalent to a 3 digit score of 199. How come there is such a big discrepancy in my scores on the two exams? According to UWSA I passed and according to NBME I probably didn't pass based on the score reports from NBME Step 1 and Step 2 practice exams. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks  
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* Re:USMLE Step 3 NBME and UWSA Score Correlation
  aldogue - 04/26/10 21:56
  hello ,this is my experience, I'm old IMG (1990) ,currently I'm finishing my 2nd year of residency in FP at some point in the map of USA, I fail twice during my first year of residency last year, first attempt 72/182 second 73/184, so I was very nervous about mmy 3rd time tooked at the end of march. so I did USMLEWorld asessment test and got 540 means 227 in the real, but by mistake 1 week before the real one I took NBME asessment and surprisingly only 300, I only pospone 2 more weeks the exam to breath in, regain my feeling of readiness and took my 3rd try knowing that my program doesnot want people in 3rd year residency without STEP 3 clearence. my score 88/212. so NBME for me is B.......
Good Luck to you
and for every body in the forum. I'M old IMG with no impresive scores, ofcourse I had others strength and skills, and a little bit of good luck, I guess, but this is for real to every body.. no one, no one ever is going to turn off my dreams and my fight to reach them. this battle is our proof of determination and dignity.thank you old
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* Re:USMLE Step 3 NBME and UWSA Score Correlation
  runningman - 04/27/10 16:35
  well said aldogue. Good job on step 3 and good job period for being where you are and getting closer to realizing your dream.
I too, have heard that NBME is not the best correlation and uw is the closest, and even that underestimates the exam by 10 to 15 points. My suggestion is to do uwa only and cut out about 15 to 20 points (3 digit points) off your score. If your corrected score is within the passing range then you should pass.
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