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* I am so depressed....Plz help
  teenas - 03/06/11 02:53
  I just started studying for this test and it feels horrible....I am so consumed by the fact that i will become old img if i apply next year ....and i cant finish all 3 steps by this september! I see so many old imgs studying here....How do you study with such thought of being an old imgs...doesnt that depress u? Plus I am so upset.....I have so many life problems....I am still living in my parents house, using their money....Plus am not married or able to get married without this exam....Plus I get affected when I see my classmates and juniors score 99s and get residencies right before me....I just found out today that this guy who I had a fight with in med school has scored a 99 and passed CS....He was a very proudy guy....always thought too much of himself and used to ace all the exams too.....And he aced usmle too....while I am still sitting here ....All this just made me cry today....May be I am going into depression.....Is there anybody out there who can lift my spirits...I am not able to sit and study...I feel very sad. I hate this test. It is controlling my life...Please help.  
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* Re:I am so depressed....Plz help
  teenas - 03/06/11 03:04
  Sometimes, I feel that becoming a doctor was the worst mistake of my life....I feel so depressed....All my friends are already settled in their careers while I am still crying  
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* Re:I am so depressed....Plz help
  comviz1 - 03/06/11 03:13
  You are depressed and sad. Sure, we all have our lows. But you can't live your life comparing yourself to others. Yes, this is a competition and you have to do your best. However, it doesn't mean that someone else's happiness and success should over shadow yours. You can shine in your own terms. Being young and aceing a test is easy but being old and making those brain cells work is something of worth talking about. My friend you don't need a pep talk. You need to go to sleep. It is late and no matter how much you try to cramp into your head, nothing well go in. And you know that and your brain knows that. That's why you are getting overwhelmed. So just go to sleep wake up tomorrow and know that problems are there because it is your life's purpose to solve them. Becoming a doctor is the best decision you ever made and you are going to be good at it regardless of your score. Say that to yourself whenever you get cold feet and you will not only pass this exam but every other exam that comes along the way. Good Night!  
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* Re:I am so depressed....Plz help
  simran88 - 03/06/11 03:14
  why are you worried about everyone else except YOURSELF? this is not their life, this is yours. This exam is the first of many to come, you can't have this attitude towards this field. Think of how you will feel when you will open that email and see a 99. It all takes work and dedication. You haven't even begun studying yet. So many old IMGs have gotten 99s, you can too. Have faith and work hard - its all in your hands, not anyone elses. There will be people who will do better than you in life, and people who do worse -thats life. But the only one that can change how you perform is YOU, its all in our hands. Don't get jealous or irritated by someone else's success, worry about your own. Work hard and results will come. Don't ruin your present by worrying about your future.  
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* Re:I am so depressed....Plz help
  comebackhero - 03/06/11 03:16
  don't see others, try to see yourself, discover urself, think big, think in this way u can also make it? welcome the forum & GL.  
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* Re:I am so depressed....Plz help
  kashvi - 03/06/11 03:36
  May be medicine is not for you. May be you should change your career. As an old img your chances of getting in will be drastically reduced. And this year even the normal imgs didnt match ....Its gotten competitive. I would suggest that you look into other careers before wasting precious energy into this USMLE trauma!!  
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* Re:I am so depressed....Plz help
  riya99 - 03/06/11 07:12
  Please don't let others pull you down. You have to prove to them what you can do, as they have proved to you obviously by working hard.

Being a doctor, is a passion--- if you think it was the worst decision of your life to be a doctor, are you sure you want to treat the sick patients?

If you really want this, HARD work is the answer. Everyone who got 99's spent about a million something hours working hard, not because they sat there crying. Be strong.Be happy for those who did well, that will change your life. God helps those who are happy for others, not those who are jealous. There is no reason to be jealous or hate them because they worked hard. If you work hard, victory will be yours.

Only you can determine what you want to be. You can achieve anything you put your MIND too.. if you put your mind to hatred, you will achieve that. If you put your mind to medicine,you will be happy with ur results.

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* Re:I am so depressed....Plz help
  usmlemarch - 03/06/11 07:43
  U defeated yrself! It is stressful for everybody,but do not forget we became physcians after long yrs of study.Anyway nobody is happy to see a coward soldier! Take yr gun and FIGHT THE FIGHT!  
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* Re:I am so depressed....Plz help
  glofriends - 03/06/11 09:01
  u have to think about your loved ones ....they want you to pick up that book of yours and go for it....u can do this ,coz studying for usmle is not drudgery ...i learnt so many things which i had not learnt in med school ...if u still feel depressed please talk to someone about it...dont let go man ..  
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* Re:I am so depressed....Plz help
  teenas - 03/06/11 14:12
  I agree with all of you...I am trying to pull myself together. I hope I can make it too....

@riya...I never heard that God helps those who are happy for others, not those who are jealous. It is normal for everyone to be jealous.....People, dont preach such sentences from God...It shakes my belief system and confidence. Sorry about this.

I thank you all for advising me. I put up a post asking for a beginner study partner who can be understanding and caring too on this forum ....but people just made fun of it. May be this forum is not a nice place. One of my friends recommended this forum for help. But people here seem so rude. Anyway, thank you for your advice. People on this thread have been moe understanding than on my study partner thread. I am sorry if I may have said anything to hurt anyone. Because I didnt mean to.
Thankk You.
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* Re:I am so depressed....Plz help
  shula - 03/06/11 14:28
  what is your grad year??  
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