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* USMLE world MCQs
  maria_d - 04/26/11 11:43

I am an IMG from Pakistan, living in USA and studying for step 1 USMLE. I needed to know where I can find USMLE world MCQs. All i know is that there are some USMLE world MCQs that everyone solves while studying for step 1 but i dont know how or where to get them from. Are they available in a book form or are they available on a website? If there is a website , can you please post the link to it here? Please let me know how to get them in USA because there is a lot of pirated material available in other countries which isnt available here in USA. Thanks
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* Re:USMLE world MCQs
  peppino - 04/26/11 12:18
  yes there are pirated copies, however you can purchase a subscription at  
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* Re:USMLE world MCQs
  ashlin - 04/26/11 12:35
  maria you can get really old stuff pdfs but try and afford the question bank in original/latest form... it is very important to do 2-3new nbmes online  
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* Re:USMLE world MCQs
  maria_d - 04/26/11 14:40
  Thanks :)  
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* Re:USMLE world MCQs
  draz - 04/26/11 14:46
  yeah type usmleworld there u can subscribe for question banks...where in usa ru located?  
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* Re:USMLE world MCQs
  drnewyork1 - 04/26/11 16:26
  Hi Maria_d ;

you seem familar to me..i have printed form of usmle world from pakistan 2009 edition.. i just finished step1 you can have it....
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