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* NMBE form 12 Section 1 . answers.
  borderline - 05/09/11 14:33
  1 I do not know (C is wrong for sure)
2 A
3 I do not know (B is wrong for sure), may be E because the doctor should be sure that his patient want to quite before giving him advices ?? who knows??
4 D (selectin loose binding on endothelial cells.. See FA pathology section)
5 F (riketssia Rx tetracycline)
6 E
7 B (horner syndrome)
8 B (avascular necrosis--medial femoral circumflex = memorisation)
9 C (why not anticholinergic?? cause vagus stimulate G cell by GRP= gastrin releasing petptide, not ACTh see FA gastroenterlogy section).
10 D spherocytosis. not pale centre in RBC+ unconjugated bilirubin
11 B (vinblastin+ vincristine + paclitaxel work on microtubules first two decreasepolymerisation , taxols does not let microtubules break down so the cell is fixed in metaphase I think :) )
12 B
13 B (avoid eye contact = kind of autist but normal inteligence, asperger is kind of autism )
14 F not sure( NNT = 1 / (Control Event Rate) - (Experimental Event Rate) -->
15 E
16 A
17 A
18 D (cigarette smokes in winter so i guess windows are close CO poisening)
19 A parietal cell destruction ---> intrinsic factor low ---> megaloblastic anemia.
20 A (not sure , D is wrong for sure)
21 A (klinfelter)
22 E
23 A (it"s an antagonist of acethylcholine uses in asthma)
24 E
25 A leuprilide continous stimulation of gonad lead to decrease secretion of sexe hormone (androgene is our cible in this case)
26 C
27 E (first see PH, is decreased means acidosis, she is hyperventilation means respiration started the compensatory process, after 2 days I think, the kidney will start also puting HCO3 in the blood and sectreting with the urine H+ .. NH4CL is a titrable acide means like a boat to put H+ in to send out of the body)
28 mystery question for me I could not even know the diagnosis (A is wrong) may be C just because intestine are involved :), no rational reason , please hepl to figure out the diagnosis.
29 C 2 isoenzyme means the work on the same familly of molecules . enzyme 1 is faster (300) than enzyme 2 (30) . why ? becasue the affinity of enzyme 1 is greater than enzyme 2. mmeans you need less amount of enzyme 1 then enzyme 2 (Km)
30 C
31 A
32 F (it is about apoptosis BCL2/Akt. you can google it but I am not sure)
33 B almost sure (external validity means can you generate the result to all patients in this study the reaaly choose a very representative population with inssurance and without, different gendre different socioeconomic status. so you ac apply the result of the study on all type of patients).
34 B (infliximab is MAB for TNF)
35 C (I think in spontaneus pneumothorax you will not hear respiration at all and why will be wheezes?)
36 E (transpantation ---> CMV= virus = T lymphocytes)
37 A
38 may be D (C is wrong) 3 years 20 words: there is a prob here. MRI is expensive to start with I think :-)
39 A
40 D angiotensine converting enzyme is synthesises in the lung (I think the buzz word here is directly mediated may be...)
41 D
42 E (it is not about humerus or shoulder:so B or E she did not fall just grabbed hand and no edema)
43 D not sure ( portal hypertention )
44 C (nitroglycerine dilate veins ans arteriol via NO)
45 C alzheimer
46 C
47 E (no change after desmopressin )
48 F (weekness = motor, atrophy = lower MN . left =left decussation of pyramid al tract is in the medullae)
49 D (no mitosis no necrosis+ most common GYN tumor )
50 F (steroid liposoluble acces to the cell and the nucleous).

Those are my subjectifs suggestions. I would like to disscus any disagreement with you .

All the best.

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* Re:NMBE form 12 Section 1 . answers.
  maryam2009 - 05/09/11 14:36
  Thank you so much  
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* Re:NMBE form 12 Section 1 . answers.
  djt - 05/09/11 15:08
  1 im thinking B "want to make sure that I understand your concerns about..."
3 is E because I got it right
13 is A Asperger I think you miss typed B instead of A
20 A is correct
28 is C initiate a high fiber diet
38 is D Recommend further evaluation...

Thanks Borderline ^^
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* Re:NMBE form 12 Section 1 . answers.
  usmle_guy - 05/09/11 15:11
  1 is BB for sure  
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* Re:NMBE form 12 Section 1 . answers.
  usmle_guy - 05/09/11 15:12
  change your nick from borderline to above borderline...coz u got so many correct......  
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* Re:NMBE form 12 Section 1 . answers.
  borderline - 05/09/11 15:31
  Hi Maryam your welcome
@ djt ..
thanks you for correcting me .
yes I meant asperger for 13 . I tape it wrong sorry.
so why 28 is C what this woman has ?? ulcerative collitis ?? and why ATB ?

1 .. the probleme in this question stem that the patient first come to physician to disscus transplantation so I assume that he is interested and he wants that (may be not very very exited about but considered it.) after that he told that he is unsure and after that he told that's it is ok for receiving it from a relative. so I can not figure out the exact patient position : he wants that damn kidney or not. after that the doctor initiative will be more clear.
ooooops , I think you are right and this is the issue . the patient is saying yes and no in the same time so doctor need to be certain about what this patient exactley wants before advicing something to him. and it is an open question !! I think you are right and it is B .
thanx djt....
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* Re:NMBE form 12 Section 1 . answers.
  borderline - 05/09/11 15:39
can you give your explaination why it is B ??
thank you ..
Im borderline because of the personality not the score ....
if it can reassure you i scored 221 one month before the exam.
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* Re:NMBE form 12 Section 1 . answers.
  djt - 05/09/11 16:12
  for 28 I was thinking bacterial colitis (salmonella) because of the IV antibiotic treatment but it could also be UC because of the LLQ pain. But whether it be bacterial or autoimmune Colitis, Colitis responds well to high fiber diet and it's always advised to patients suffering from colitis.

When are you sitting down for the exam?I'm sure you will slay it. ^^
@USMLE-guy I bet you will do great too ^^
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* Re:NMBE form 12 Section 1 . answers.
  usmle_guy - 05/09/11 16:15
  sorry i dont know the precise reason...somebody got correct putting that answer online..I am confused too..........  
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* Re:NMBE form 12 Section 1 . answers.
  the_kingxp - 05/09/11 16:17
  hi borderline thanks for posting the answers please can u send me nbme 12 ,my exam in few days my email is  
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* Re:NMBE form 12 Section 1 . answers.
  borderline - 05/09/11 16:21
  @ djt.
So you reassure me because , you too do not know the diagnosis :).. I thouht that I was missing something in the stem question.
I already pass the Step1 10 days ago .. still waiting .
I get 231 one day before the exam. so I do not think I will have more than that .
but I am glad with it .
now I need SP for step 2 . are you ready ??
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