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* NBME 12 section 3 answers.
  borderline - 05/13/11 01:26
  1 E
2 C (almost sure) any other suggestions ?
3 A
4 E
another hint (chlamydophila = Legionella pneumophila, Mycoplasma pneumoniae and Chlamydophila pneumoniae) are intracellular bugs--> need t lymphocyte to extermine the infection)
5 E
6 B
7 B
8 C
9 D
10 C
11 B
12 A (two choises can be reasonable inner cell of the cochlea C or the A, but if she has sensorineural hearing loss, I think those cell are most commonlt in ealderly to be damged so it is useless to innervate them by the implant)
13 E
14 B
15 A
16 C (you will get those question in the exam garantee, learn how to draw 2 by 2 table and you will get all question about sensitivity , specificity, PPV , NPV , Odd ratio and RR and attribuate risk .. it is just unfair to loose those questions)
17 A (i get this question wrong i marked dependent I get so upset that i choose bordeline as my pseudo to never forget)
18 C how does not know the blue magical pill....;)
19 C
20 D
21 D
22 E
23 E
24 D
25 B
26 C
27 C (mneumonic Musculocutaneous= muscle= show me your biceps..:-))
28 E (it is gout but can someone tell me why this story happend after the cholecystectomy ??)
29 F (almost sure any suggestions )
30 B b-thalassemia is an imcoplete globine chain that work inappropraitely.
if you chage G by A at position 246 , the RNA will have an stop codon dna ATT--> RNA
UAA (U are away = stop codon thanx FA for mneumonic)
31 B (can someone please explain the concept of having hypersplenisme in alcoholics ?? because of portal hypertention ?)
32 A
33 D
34 D
35 C
36 C
37 D (I think he has MI complicated by cardiogenic choc left heart failure so the Pul oedema, Do you have another suggestion what the diagnosis might be ?)
38 D
39 B
40 A
41 A
42 C
43 A
44 B
45 B
46 A
47 A
48 D
49 D
50 A

Again that are my suggestions. If you have another choise please let me know and we will discuss that so we all will learn from our mistakes .
Thank you .

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* Re:NBME 12 section 3 answers.
  reddy704 - 06/14/11 21:24
  2-ans is c 42-ans is A 43 ans is D  
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* Re:NBME 12 section 3 answers.
  sgamer1770 - 06/19/11 17:58
  22. A 14-year-old boy is brought to the physician’s office because of decreased appetite and abdominal pain over the past 3 weeks. His mother says that during the same time he has withdrawn from everyone and sleeps constantly. He describes his symptoms vaguely. Physical examination is normal. During further history-taking, it is most critical for the physician to obtain information about which of the following?
A) Developmental history
B) Family history of affective disorders
C) Orientation to time, place, and person
D) School history
E) Suicidal ideation or attempts

could it be d....?? is the kid just trying to play hooky. Vague symptoms....hmmmmm
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* Re:NBME 12 section 3 answers.
  sgamer1770 - 06/19/11 18:19
  In 28 the gout question,, what is explaining the distal heart murmur?

A 55-year-old man develops fever 3 days after undergoing a cholecystectomy. He has a 2-year history of intermittent pain in his right great toe. He is 183 cm (6 ft) tall and weighs 159 kg (350 Ib); BMI 1s48 kg/rn2. His temperature is 38.3°C (101 F), pulse is 1 10/mm, and blood pressure is 130170 mm Hg. Bilateral crackles and wheezing are heard on auscultation of the chest. The heart sounds are distant Abdominal examination shows a healing incision that is not inflamed. There is swelling and redness of the right first metatarsophalangeal joint. Which of the following is the most likely cause of the joint findings?
A) Calcium pyrophosphate crystals
B) Staphylococcus aureus infection
C) Streptococcus pyogeries (group A) infection
D) Synovial vasculitis
E) Urate crystals
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* Re:NBME 12 section 3 answers.
  toastedbiscuits - 06/20/11 03:49
  quick one
#18 i think is wrong

note the difference between attain - vs maintain
you have to have pns to attain
salendafil-phosphodiesterase inhibitor to maintain :)
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* Re:NBME 12 section 3 answers.
  indianjesus - 06/20/11 19:14
  for number 28

this is pretty weak but i remember from our lectures that there are metabolic causes for pericarditis/pericardial effusion. "distant heart sounds" are a buzz-word for pericardial effusion, that's for sure... its just linking the two together.

He was in for surgery (anesthesia or something) reduced renal clearance of uric acid resulting in pericarditis -> decreased CO -> backup of fluid into his lungs.

and a gouty flare up.

honestly if you look through 1st aid or Goljan you're not going to find the metabolic basis for pericarditis, it was something i learned from lecture...i checked uptodate and educus and there's a linkage between uremia and pericarditis but this may be one of those questions that I sacrifice for the greater good =)
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* Re:NBME 12 section 3 answers.
  dr.taurus - 06/20/11 19:43
  where can i get NBME 12 forms?i mean offline?  
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* Re:NBME 12 section 3 answers.
  leodudepal - 06/21/11 21:49
  if 43 were rupture, then how does the murmur go away?  
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* Re:NBME 12 section 3 answers.
  maryam2009 - 06/26/11 00:52
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* Re:NBME 12 section 3 answers.
  fazl - 06/26/11 09:51
  goes away b/c it ischemia and the cardiac stunning muscle functional again as ischeamia goes
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* Re:NBME 12 section 3 answers.
  freestep - 06/26/11 14:07
  Hi Borderline
Can you please email the nbme form 11 and 12? I need them for practice. Thanks.
My email
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