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* cardiac Rx
  goodman - 12/05/11 18:13
  Your patient is experiencing heart failure and is in need of an inotropic agent. Which of the following would you not recommend, barring any other cardiac issues?
a. Lidocaine c. Milrinone
b. Digoxin d. Dobutamine
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* Re:cardiac Rx
  goodman - 12/05/11 18:15
  You are treating a cardiac patient who has severe asthma. Which classification of drugs may pose some risk of bronchoconstriction and should be carefully utilized in patients with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease?
a. Beta-Adrenergic cardiac stimulants c. Beta- Blockers
b. Cardiac glycosides d. Antiarrhythmics
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* Re:cardiac Rx
  goodman - 12/05/11 18:18
  Which agent is a parasympatholytic used in cardiac resuscitation for asystole?
a. Epinephrine c. Atropine
b. Magnesium d. Isoproterenol
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* Re:cardiac Rx
  goodman - 12/05/11 18:22
  Class IA agents are effective in treating:
a. Bradycardia c. Ectopic beats
b. AV node delays d. Atrial and ventricular arrhythmias
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