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* mph
  doc91 - 04/01/11 11:18
  Does anyone know the name of the university who offers MPH course online? Please let me know. There are so many choices that it is hard to decide. Also whether it is accreditated or not.
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* Re:mph
  doc91 - 04/01/11 12:55
  Anybody who has done MPH please I need help with this. If you can tell me how to get into the school for MPH and what are the prerequisites for entry. Any information will be helpful. Thanks  
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* Re:mph
  angelina51111 - 04/01/11 13:07
  new york medical college has health policy online  
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* Re:mph
  doc91 - 04/01/11 13:10
  Thanks. If anyone else knows about it please help.  
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* Re:mph
  nostringsattached - 04/01/11 13:10
  its fine if you want to take it online, but how will you reap the benefits of MPH if you don't attend the school. give it a thought.  
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* Re:mph
  doc91 - 04/01/11 16:38
  I'm working full time as a study coordinator. That why maybe the online option sounds better. Also what do you mean by "reap the benefits"? Isn't MPH only subjective and not clinical. Please I need more information from those who have already completed the course.
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* Re:mph
  erg - 04/02/11 00:35
  Online degrees are OK, except one thing: many of them are NOT ACCREDITED by the generally accepted accrediting bodies (like North Central Association for example) which makes their degrees acceptable ONLY locally, usually by their home state and not throughout the US, which in our situations (being IMGs and looking for residency everywhere) may not be a good thing... so be careful and do your homework BEFORE you signed up...
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