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* Brookdale psychiatry externship
  drkal83 - 04/01/11 13:16
  Did anyone hear from their for psychiatry externship interview?  
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* Re:Brookdale psychiatry externship
  f2009 - 04/02/11 19:55
  how many candidates do they take every yr?  
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* Re:Brookdale psychiatry externship
  drkal83 - 04/02/11 23:20
  I think 7-8 at Zucker...  
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* Re:Brookdale psychiatry externship
  drkal83 - 04/07/11 11:29
  Does anyone hear from Brookdale yet or not???  
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* Re:Brookdale psychiatry externship
  abc1234567 - 04/07/11 11:44
  they r giving out interviews  
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* Re:Brookdale psychiatry externship
  csdoc456 - 04/07/11 12:04
  Please tell me the process for this Externship.

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* Re:Brookdale psychiatry externship
  drkal83 - 04/07/11 12:10 Psych coordinator at Brookdale but deadline for submitting application was 26th March...
@abc12345..did u get?
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* Re:Brookdale psychiatry externship
  csdoc456 - 04/07/11 12:55
  Thanks drkal83.  
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* Re:Brookdale psychiatry externship
  papabear - 04/07/11 15:20
  abc12345, I don't understand how telling anyone my credentials are going help anyone?! As far as the rejection letter. It was a rejection letter, what do you think it said.  
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* Re:Brookdale psychiatry externship
  papabear - 04/07/11 15:26
  Anyone done the research externship with Robert C. Smith at Manhattan Psych Center? or have heard about it. I guess they are moving to a different institution now. This is the email I got from them. Quite long.

Thank you for your response to our posting of a volunteer clinical research training position in psychiatry, for FMGs, who are seriously interested in a career in psychiatry and trying to apply for a US residency. This position has not been very useful to FMGs who are really interested in residency in family practice or internal medicine.

Please send your cv in msword or wordperfect and tell me your current visalstatus.


We will be relocating program in April, 2011 to Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research, located in Orangeburg , New York, which is also located on the campus of Rockland State hospital.. There is very limited public transportation to this research institute location, and most people come there by car. Therefore, if you are not able to have available transportation to get to the institute, it may not be an appropriate position for you.

This experience provides for research training in which the applicant can also get some relevant clinical experience. We have active research projects running n smoking and schizophrenia and atypical neuroleptics and glucose metabolism, and combination treatment of schizophrenia. Volunteers perform a variety of task depending on their skill level. We are at Manhattan Psychiatric Center, a state hospital, affiliated with NYU University School of Medicine. Many committed FMG, who are seriously interested in psychiatry, have found our experience useful and valuable for them.

The main program is for volunteer who can be full time, 4-5 days a week, and commit for approximately a years time. Volunteers entering in the winter spring or summer of 2009 would be expected to remain in the program through May 2011 (This program is not suitable for people entering in the winter or spring of 2010-11 if they are planning to leave after they hope to MATCH or POST-MATCH 2011 residency match). They should be able to commit to the program for about one year's time. Furthermore, I do not write recommendation for volunteers until they have been with the program at least 3-4 months. So volunteers entering in the fall or winter of 2009 would be unlikely to get a recommendation letter which would be useful for the 2010 match year , which usually interviews October, 2010-Jan 2011.

For full -time volunteers(4-5 days/wk.), we provide advice our residency applicants, a general letters after 4 months, and a confidential personalized evaluation letter to up to 70 programs the applicant selects. In the new process we alternately send the electronic letter through ERSA.

We occasionally take volunteers who can commit to less than the full time program ( 4-5 days a week) because of financial constraints. These part-time volunteers receive somewhat similar support for their residency program applications. However, if we have volunteers in our programs who are committed and working full time, it should be understood that they full time volunteers may receive additional support and we may do more personal things to help them in their residency quest. These positions are more appropriate to volunteers on F1 student visas who need to maintain attendance at school for 20 hours a week or more, or need to earn their own funds with outside work.
However, our experience in the last two years has been that the part-time volunteers ( 3 days a week), really do not benefit from the program that much, and some have not found it valuable experience. They are there too little time to usually get the clinical background needed to be helpful, and because of their schedule they cannot be easily integrated into our more interesting work, and usually do routine tasks.
I do not recall any part-time volunteer in the past two years who I have followed though into a psychiatric residency, whereas more than 6 of our full time volunteers over the past several years have gotten into psychiatric residencies, and some are completing their residency. Some of the full-time volunteers who were particularly good, and stayed with us a full 1or 2 years have gotten their names on papers or presentations from our research group.

Getting into a US psychiatry residency in not that easy for FMGS these days. We have had success with many volunteers each year in our program, but not all of them have gotten accepted. Only a few of our recent applicants have gotten into residency programs in their first year of applying in the match program. Many have had to try again a second year, and remain in the program two years before they were successful. In general we tell volunteers their chances are usually not more than 50%. However, if they have not been in a psychiatry training programs such as ours their chances are very small (1-5%). So anyone coming into the program should come with a long-range perspective, and probably plan for at a minimum of two years, although they can always hope to make it in their first try; many dont.

Please remember that there are no salaries or stipends attached to this volunteer program. Also there is no housing provided. This is not a certified formal school program and would not qualify for a school-related student visa criteria. We do not generally sponsor visas.

For selected FMGS who are permanent residents or US citizens, we can sometimes provide a very small salary ($100-$200/month), after he or she has been with us some time ( usually at least 3-4 months), if the volunteer has demonstrated special competence in his tasks, including early morning blood drawing. This depends on the grant funds we have available, AND THIS VARIES FROM TIME TO TIME. Many times there are no grant funds available. We Cannot Provide Any Salaries to Most of the Volunteers. An occasional full-time volunteer who has stayed in our program longer, sometimes because they have not matched in the first year) has been able to be put on half-time salary (eg.$14-15,000/yr). We strongly advise applicants that they should not make a decision to participate in the program with the expectation that there will be any definite salary support. Volunteers Who Had Made Their Decision on the Basis of Anticipating Salary Support Have Often Gotten into Financial Problems. We find that some FMG volunteers enter the program with the hope of being put on substantial salary in a few moths, and then leave the program when they realize this is not possible, as we had clearly explained to them.

We take volunteers who can commit to approximately a full years time without visa problems.

We have volunteers who say they can commit to a year, sign an agreement stating this, and then do not fulfill their commitment. Because of this, we sometimes have to consider writing the ERAS residency program to tell the programs about the volunteers less than responsible or unethical behavior.

We are currently pursuing research involving metabolic effects of antipsychotic drugs on glucose and lipid metabolism, the effects of diabetic drug son cognition, and the effects of somking, nicotine, and varenciline ( chantix) on cognition and behavior in schizophrenia. We are also studying the eipigenetic biological basis of schizophrenia in with assays in patient lymphocytes. My colleague Dr. Maayan has a special interest in obesity in children and adolescents.

If you would like to enter the program, you will have to come for an interview at Manhattan psychiatric Center before April 12, and with my colleague, Dr. Maayan, at Nathan Kine Institute.. We cannot offer these positions without a personal interview.

If you are still interested after reviewing the above information and conditions, please e-mail me your response or questions. We can then set up an interview in the next week or two or at another convenient time.

I would strongly urge volunteer who want to have a background and experience to apply for psychiatry residency match in the 2011-2012 year, plan to start our program by early spring or early summer of 2011.Volunteers who start in the winter of 2012 should be planning for the 2013 match not the 2012 match.

I look forward to hearing form you further. If you are seriously interested, I can speak to you on the phone also if you give me a convenient time to call.

If this type of position is not suitable for you, or cant fit into your plans or finances, please e-mail me a response also.

Please reply to my e-mail address:, NOT the address
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* Re:Brookdale psychiatry externship
  abc1234567 - 04/07/11 15:58
  lol yes i never went for this interview!
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