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* List of IMG friendly programs for FAMILY MEDICINE
  marco20 - 05/30/11 20:27
  University of South Alabama
J1/H1 - IMG? score over 85? --not many IMG's
University of Arizona Program
J1 - IMG? -- Want J1 when apply
University of Arkansas AHEC (Northwest)
J1/H1 - IMG? -- not too many IMGs
University of Arkansas AHEC (Southwest)
no visa - IMGs?
University of Connecticut
J1 - score? want first attempt
Stamford Hospital/Columbia University
not much IMG's - just Ross
St Francis Hospital Program
J1 ? IMG? --- low IMGs on the site
Christiana Care Health Services
J1 - IMG? ---- low IMG's on the site
University of South Florida (Morton Plant
J1 -- IMG? - out of office till 16th. ---not any IMG's on the stie
College of Medicine Mayo Clinic (Jacksonville)
J1 - IMG? --so far all US citizen
Jackson Memorial Hospital
J1 - IMG - > 80 - CS first attempt
Bayfront Medical Center
J1 ---not too many IMGs
Medical College of Georgia
Doesn't sponser Visa -- IMG?
St Louis University School (Belleville)
J1 - 1 better than 2 - Most IMGs are GC
Carle Foundation Hospital Program
no visa ---
Mercy Medical Center (Des Moines)
No visa - CS? IMG?
University of Iowa Hospitals
J1 -
Mercy Medical Center (Mason City)
No visa prefer CS on first attempt -- IMG?
Research Medical Center Program
No visa
Louisiana State University (Shreveport)
J1 - CS on first attempt
Louisiana State University (Shreveport)
J1? CS first attempt - IMG?
Trover Clinic Foundation Program
No visa - IMG? CS?
Kalamazoo Center for Medical Studies
J1 -- prefer 1st attempt? IMG -- > 80
Sparrow Hospital/Michigan State
J1/H1 -- no fails - IMG? > 80
MidMichigan Medical Center
No Visa
University of Minnesota (Mankato)
J1 - IMG? - 2 attempts --Lot DO, not much IMG's
University of Minnesota/St Cloud Hospital
No visa --- CS ? scores --
University of Minnesota/St Joseph's Hospital
J1 -- CS? scores -- has couple of IMGs
University of Missouri-Columbia
J1/H1 ---- very very low IMG's
Carolinas Medical Center Program
No visa - IMG?
Albany Medical Center Program
J1 prefer 1st attempt? > 80, IMG
105 - Wyckoff Heights Medical Center
scores > 85 - CS first attempt - prefer GC
University of Nevada (Las Vegas)
J1 - CS? -- Not IMGs on the site
UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson
NO J1 on program - prefer 1st attempt?
UMDNJ/Hoboken Municipal Hospital
No visa- IMG? CS?
University of New Mexico
J1? IMG? --- scores --- no IMGs on site
Memorial Medical Center (Las Cruces)
J1 NO visa - CS? scores
University of New Mexico (Santa Fe)
J1 -- IMGs?
Akron General Medical Center/NEOUCOM
J1/H1 - CS 1st attempt?
Christ Hospital/University of Cincinnati
J1? CS 1st attempt - IMGs? Scores
University of Oklahoma (Lawton)
Mostly Citizen - CS? scores?
In His Image at Hillcrest Medical Cente
J1 -prefer 1st attempt - not much IMG
Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island
J1? Scores? CS? --- not on list --- site not good
Lehigh Valley Hospital Network/Pennsylvania State
No visa - CS - scores
Altoona Regional Health System
J1/H1 -- very low IMGs on the site
Bryn Mawr Hospital Program
J1/H1 -- CS? IMG? --- not too many IMGs
Chestnut Hill Hospital Program
no visa? -- CS? scores IMG -- not too many IMGs
-UPMC Medical Education (St Margaret Hospital)
J1/H1 -- IMGs? CS? scores? ---- not too many IMG?
UPMC Medical Education (Presbyterian Shadyside)
J1/H1 - score > 90? CS? IMGs?
York Hospital Program J1 ? IMG? CS? scores? --- not much IMGs
Texas Tech University (Amarillo)
No visa - CS 1st attempt? scores?
University of Texas Southwestern (Austin)
J1 ? no visa? -- CS? scores?
Texas Tech University Health Sciences
J1 - 3 attempts > 80 -- too far all spanish
University of Texas at Houston
J1/H1 -- CS? scores?
North Central Texas Medical Foundation
no Visa - Scores? CS?
East Tennessee State University (Bristol)
J1 - Scores - first attempt on CS
Virginia Commonwealth University (Falls Church)
No visa -- no info online
VCU/Riverside Regional Medical Center
No Visa -- CS? scores?
United Hospital Center Program
no visa? Scores? CS?
West Virginia University Program
J1 -- Scores > 80 -- CS on first attempt
Marshall University School of Medicine
J1 - No IMG's on site
Wheeling Hospital Program
J1/H1 --- CS on first attempt
University of Alabama (Huntsville)
J1/H1 - passig have IMGs --don't consider failed CS
University of Arkansas AHEC (South Arkansas)
No Visa - have IMGs - 3 attempts
St Joseph's Hospital
J1 ? IMG? CS?
Emory University Program
J1 -have IMGs - first attempt - >200- first attempt CS
Southern Illinois University (Carbondale)
No visa - has IMGs
Southern Illinois University (Decatur)
J1 -- CS on first attempt? - > 80
University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria
J1 -- has a few IMG's -
St Elizabeth Medical Center
J1 - CS? - No IMGs on site
University of Kentucky Medical Center (Hazard)
J1 - has IMGs -- only 5000 population
Franklin Square Hospital Center
J1 -- IMG? CS? -not much IMG's
Eastern Maine Medical Center
J1/H1 - IMG not muc
Marquette General Hospital Program
J1/H1 -- pass 2nd attempt
University of Minnesota/North Memorial
J1 -- CS? scores -- 2 attempts --No IMGs in list..--
University of Nevada School of Medicine(Reno)
J1 -- CS? scores
SUNY at Buffalo
J1 - one retake - pass CS on first attempt
Brooklyn Hospital Center
No visa - IMG 80 2 attempt
Ellis Hospital of Schenectady
No visa -IMGs? - > 80
Summa Health System/NEOUCOM
J1 cs? - not much IMG's
Wyoming Valley Program
J1/H1? ---score > 80 - has IMG's but no visa
Latrobe Area Hospital Program
J1? --- Scores? CS? no IMG's on site
Greenville Hospital System/University of South
J1 - 1st attempt on CS
Texas Tech University (Lubbock)
J1 ? not much IMGs - scores -
Methodist Health System Dallas
hold a J1 - >75 - not many IMG's on site CS?
University of Wisconsin (Fox Valley)
J1 -- CS? scores? ---low img
University of Wisconsin (Eau Claire)
J1 -- CS? Scores? ---low IMG
university of Alabama (Selma Dallas County)
J1/H1 - have IMGs - 2 attempts
University of Arkansas AHEC (Fort Smith)
J1 - CS - IMG's on site
Howard University Program
J1 - has IMG
University of Florida Program
J1 - prefer CS on first attempt - range of scores -- has IMG's
Atlanta Medical Center Program
J1 - IMG
Morehouse School of Medicine
J1 -- > 80 --score for
Northeast Iowa Medical Education
J1/H1 - no more than 1 failure
Southern Illinois University (Quincy) -
J1 - have IMG - 2 attempts - scores > 80
Southern Illinois University -
J1 - has IMG's - 3 attempt
University of Louisville Program
J1 - 2 attempt - prefer step 3
University of Kentucky College of Medicine
J1 - IMG
University of Maryland Program
J1 -- IMG? -- 2 attempts - >200
St Mary Mercy Hospital
J1? CS? scores? ----lot of IMGs
McLaren Regional Medical Center
J1/H1 - scores min. lot of IMGs
William Beaumont Hospital-Grosse Pointe
J1/H1 -- passing score
William Beaumont Hospital - Troy
J1/H1 - IMG? score > 80
Oakland Physicians Medical Center
J1/H1?-- min scores, lot of IMG
University of Missouri at Kansas City
J1--- VERY low IMG's -- > 80
Union Hospital Program
J1 - has IMGs scores > 80
St. louise University
J1 - 2 attempts - has IMG's?
Cedar Rapids Medical Education
J1 ? >82-- lot of IMGs - prefer step 3
Creighton University Program
J1/H1- lot of IMG's - no more than 1 failure
University of Mississippi Medical Center
J1 -- 3 attempts
Pitt County Memorial Hospital
J1 - 2 attempt
New Hampshire-Dartmouth Family Medicine
J1 -- CS? scores
Atlantic Health (Overlook) Program
one J1 first year - 2 attempts
Jamaica Medical Collage
J1 - pass 2 attempt - has lot of IMG's
St Elizabeth Medical Center (Utica)
J1 - > 80 - has IMG's
Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center
J1/H1 -- CS? scores --- no site
SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn
J1 ? IMG? - > 75 - 2 asttempts
University of Rochester
J1 - scores> 80
NSLIJHS-North Shore University Hospital/Glen Cove
J1/H1 -- IMG? scores? CS?
SUNY Health Science at Syracuse/St Joseph's
No visa but has J1 - IMG? > 80
University Hospitals Case Medical Center
J1 -- > 80 - 2 attempt ---- called, on hold
Case Western Reserve University (MetroHealth)
>80 - 2 attempt
Mercy Health Partners/St Vincent Mercy
J1/H1 -- pass --has IMG's
Ohio State University Main track
J1 - has couple of IMG's each year
Ohio State University Urban Program
J1 - has some IMG's
St Anthony Hospital Program
J1/H1 - 2 attempt ---has some IMG's and DO's
University of Oklahoma College -Tulsa
J1 - scores -- 200 --- > 20 IMGs
University of Okla College of Medicine-Tulsa Rural
J1 ---IMGs? need to apply to both?
Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital
J1? H1 --- lot of IMGs scores on the site
Montgomery Hospital Program
J1/H1 -- scores ? - lot of IMGs on site
Allegheny Hospital- Forbes Western
J1/H1 -- > 85 or step 3 ---consider 2nd attempt - has lot of IMG's
University of Texas at San Antonio
J1 -- IMG -- 3 attempt
University of Texas Medical Branch
J1 --- 1st attempt CK - has Img's
Eastern Virginia Medical School
J1/H1 --has IMGs
West Virginia University Rural
J1 - scores?
Hennepin County Medical Center
J1 -- > 80 --- 85% IMG
Charleston Area Medical Center
J1 -- passing --has IMG's
Tuscaloosa College of Community
J1 - have IMGs - attempts ok
Tallahassee Family Medicine
J1 -- Has IMG's - 2 attempts
Indiana University School of Medicine
J1 -- scores > 80 -- CS 1st attempt --
St Joseph Hospital Program
J1/H1 -- CS? > 80 ---- has IMGs
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
J1/H1 -- 77 - 2 attempt
St Elizabeth Health Center/NEOUCOM
J1 - > 80 - has IMG's
University of Oklahoma Health Science
J1 - 3 attempt
Eastern Virginia (Portsmout)
J1 -- > 80 - has IMG's
Providence Hospital and Medical
J1 - > 80 - has 2 saba
Ohio state university Rural track
J1 - find out if need to apply to both
Maine-Dartmouth Family Medicine
J1 -- IMG? CS? scores?
Grand Rapids Medical
J1 -- lot of IMG's -- > 80 -----CS1st
University of Kentucky Medical Center (Morehead)
J1 - has IMG's
University of Louisville (Glasgow)
J1 -- 2 attempt
Mayo Clinic (Rochester)
J1 -- has IMG's - 2 attempt overall
Florida Hospital Medical Center
J1/H1 - > 200 on first attempt --has IMG's
St Luke's Hospital Program
J1/H1 - CS Scores?--- has IMGs - >220
University of North Dakota (Bismarck)
H1/J1 --- Called, she said they are full
Meharry Medical College Program
Scores? CS? ---has IMG's on site --No Visa
Central Maine Medical Center
J1 -- CS? scores --- CS first attempt
Mount Sinai Hospital Medical Center
J1 -- Scores mid 80's 2 attempts
Reading Hospital
J1/H1 -- CS? scores? ---has IMGs on site.
Loyola University/Cook County
J1 - IMG? CS?
Louisiana State University (Shreveport)/Monroe
J1 - CS? has IMG
Sacred Heart Hospital/Temple University (Allentown)
J1/H1 ---passing - has IMG's on site
University of North Dakota (Minot)
J1? lot of IMGs - 2 attempt
University of ArkansasMedical Sciences
J1 -- > 82 -- has IMGs
University of New Mexico (Roswell)
3 attempts -- has IMGs no Visa
Altru Health System (Grand Forks)
J1? has IMG's - 2 attempt
Aurora Health Care Program
J1 -- 2 attempt
Wayne State University/Crittenton
J1 --- 2 attempts - > 80
JFK Medical Center Program
J1/H1 - has IMG's
St Joseph Mercy (Livingston)
J1- lot of IMGs - scores > 190
University of Minnesota Medical Center (Fairview)
J1 --- 2 attempts --has IMGs
St Luke's Hospital Program
H1 -- IMG 50%
NSLIJHS-Southside Hospital Program
J1/H1 - > 80 - 1st CK
UPMC Medical Education (McKeesport)
J1/ H1 - scores > 80 - lot of IMGs

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* Re:List of IMG friendly programs for FAMILY MEDICI
  marco20 - 06/06/11 20:42
  Actually, this list is detailed enough. It took me around 1 week to make these 2 list, around the same time last year.

I know what some people are going through so I thought I help out and they won't waist another 50-100$ extra

PS. to everyone. This is a complete list of all the IMG programs. If you buy a list from any of these sites or people it is basicely the same list....

more than 300 programs, and I am sure you won't have money to apply to all. So you have to make your own list and it is very important that you do. (it will take some time, but its worth your time!!!)

Go over these programs one by one and make ur own list based on their criteria.
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* Re:List of IMG friendly programs for FAMILY MEDICI
  gpk12345 - 06/07/11 10:32
  Thank you, Dear Doctor.  
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* Re:List of IMG friendly programs for FAMILY MEDICI
  clown - 06/07/11 12:56
  Dr Marco,
Thank you so much . May The Almighty God give you the King's reward.
Doors that no man can close will be opened up for you.
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* Re:List of IMG friendly programs for FAMILY MEDICI
  amanjot - 06/07/11 16:23
  Thank you so much .  
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