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* NBME 12 BLOCK3 q 22
  chuha - 02/28/12 05:57
  A 14-year-old boy is brought to the physician’s office because of decreased appetite and abdominal pain over the past 3 weeks. His mother says that during the same time he has withdrawn from everyone and sleeps constantly. He describes his symptoms vaguely. Physical examination is normal. During further history-taking, it is most critical for the physician to obtain information about which of the following?
A) Developmental history
B) Family history of affective disorders
C) Orientation to time, place, and person
D) School history
E) Suicidal ideation or attempts

I CHOOSE D ........
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* Re:NBME 12 BLOCK3 q 22
  thein7thein - 02/28/12 06:10
  I choose E..
the boy show signs of depression ...
1..decrease appetite
2..duration more than 2 weeks
3..withdrawn ( it means anhedonia)
4..sleep disturbance..

so, E will be most crucial for physician..the others can be possible but you must not miss suicidal ideation because it is most important for boy
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* Re:NBME 12 BLOCK3 q 22
  chuha - 02/28/12 12:02
  i think you are right

Thanks a lot
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