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* my step 1 experience..
  biyaa - 09/05/12 10:44
  got my score today 250 ALHAMDULLILAH

m happy and satisfied with my score...
thnks to all forum members for there support n help

well about my my prep...
prep time 7 to 8 mnths
started with kaplan books n vdos....i found videos very will recommend them strongly
fr physio i did brs
neuro anat highyield
n patho goljan rapid review with audios
it took me about 4 mnths to complete first read
then i immediatelty gave nbme 3 offline
guys give nbme as soon as possible...belive me it is goin to help u

started with fa along with rapid kaplan revision n finally uworld
i cant stress more on uworld is the each n every qs veryy keenly
try to understand each n every concept...dun worry if it is taking time..if u do it wisely u dun have to repeat again

after uworld i gave nbme 11 online
n started dit...i found dit really really helpful to cram first aid
then fa revision once n wrote my exam

my uworld avg was 78%
nbme 3 167/200 offline..3 mnths before exam
nbme 11 250 one mnth before exam
nbme 7 261 15 days before exam
nbme 12 261 5 days before exam
rest i did offline n got 10 to 15 qs wrong in each nbme

exam day...
cudnt sleep a night before that doesnt matter...i didn feel sleepy during exam
exam was tough
tougher than nbme's obviously experience may vary
micro was heavily was easy
immuno was very tough...n yea i got comparitively low performance in immuno
in each block 35 qs were really easy
n 5 to 6 really tough
block 1 was tough
2 wa easy bt qs were lengthy
3 was ok 4 was fine
5 was crazy.. i marked about 15 qs in that block
6 n 7 were very easy
i took break after 3 block fr 10 that was where i went wrong..i shud ve taken atleast half hour break after 3rd wud have altered my performance in 4 n 5 blocks
so i suggest to take break after 3 or 4 blocks..even if u feel fine n fresh..go n wash face
after 5th block i took break fr half hour
one more exam centre they provide u with orange colored headphones to minimize if someone is typing or if there is some noise do wear that...i didn know that until my last block:p

after my exam..i knew that it didn go that fine..specially immuno i was happy that atleast it is over

wt i think really helped me during my prep
uworld obviously
n having a good study partner:)
n thnku zen fr making that 10 day fa plan

gudluck wisely...exam isn't about cramming..its all about concepts
for any queries u all r welcome

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* Re:my step 1 experience..
  biyaa - 09/05/12 11:14
  @mayaali...dit is a 15 day course..u can find link on forum n download videos

@arromates thnks dear...i took nbme 3 immediately after kaplan first read n rest after doin uworld n both of them help me in improving my score...
just do uworld very wisely
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* Re:my step 1 experience..
  barsha05 - 09/05/12 11:36
  congratulation biyaa.
how did u take notes throughout ur studies?
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* Re:my step 1 experience..
  vena86 - 09/05/12 11:48
  congradulations biyaa ,,great score

i have a q for u ,,,wt u read for histology and cell biology ,,,general principle of health and dz ???
another q..did u reviewed ur nbme ??
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* Re:my step 1 experience..
  biyaa - 09/05/12 11:52
  @barsha05 thnx
i just added notes frm uworld on my fa
@vena86..thnks dear
i followed kaplan fr them
n yup just giving nbme i reviewed all ans same day
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* Re:my step 1 experience..
  vena86 - 09/05/12 11:54
  thnx dear biyaa,,,,,good luck in all other steps
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* Re:my step 1 experience..
  carpediem1 - 09/05/12 12:06
congrats on ur awesome score biyaa :) i knew u would do well
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* Re:my step 1 experience..
  psychmledr - 09/05/12 12:11
  Congratulations!! Best wishes for the future :)  
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* Re:my step 1 experience..
  regeniuf - 09/05/12 12:16
  hey ... what an awesome score ... i m very happy for U dear :)
may Allah (swt) bless u in rest of ur life ...

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* Re:my step 1 experience..
  usmle2177 - 09/05/12 12:32
  congrats biyaa !! i was positive u would score great ... :-)  
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* Re:my step 1 experience..
  chips - 09/05/12 12:34
  congrats... and thank you  
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