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* multiple attempts
  usmle_exam - 03/16/12 15:26
  did anyone match with multiple attempts on step 1..

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* Re:multiple attempts
  vandam - 03/16/12 20:41
  @docoo Thanks for understanding.
I did my medical schooling in India. Received my medical degree in 2011. And as docoo said, I was surprised to receive call from that program since previous year residents had double 99.

I guess I got interview call coz of my USCE from well known places with strong LORs. I did electives to make up for my step 1 attempt. (took step1 during 3rd yr med school)

Then to further strengthen my CV, joined research at Harvard. And also shadowed my mentor during rounds.

All I wanted to say is that it's not impossible and don't lose hope. Strengthen your CV and email PDs from June with your credentials in brief. Coz PDs can prevent our applications from being filtered. Many programs hadn't even looked at my CV coz it got filtered out coz of attempts. So in case you develop contacts, they can make the PD look at your application (dint happen with me).

Finally leave it to destiny.
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* Re:multiple attempts
  vandam - 03/16/12 20:49
  Regarding the list of places I applied to, I emailed every program listed in Frieda in June to find out if they would consider me for an IV based on my creds.
My biggest set back there was NOT MAILING THE PD DIRECTLY rather emailed program co-ordinator (whose email was easily available on Frieda)

So guys, take the time to find out the PDs email address and email them!
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* Re:multiple attempts
  usmle_exam - 03/16/12 22:09
  congrats guys!!

did anyone have 3 attempts??

what are the chances of matching?
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* Re:multiple attempts
  queenidine - 03/16/12 22:54
  vandam...can you please also tell how u got hands on research in harvard? did you ve any contacts there or u simply applied??

wud be grateful to see your reply...

and congratulations on matching!
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* Re:multiple attempts
  vandam - 03/16/12 23:02
  I randomly emailed cardiologists at each university for research.
I emailed ~250 people. Got 2 replies and 1 sponsored visa (unpaid).
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* Re:multiple attempts
  queenidine - 03/16/12 23:30
  thank you v much vandam for the reply..
cud you guide me to getting research in harvard? i'm staying in MA i wud be glad to ve an expereince of that...

cud you send me sum kind of link ?

i wud be more than grateful...

thank you
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* Re:multiple attempts
  angelman1 - 03/16/12 23:49
  Guys plz understand this vandam...she won't guide u ..mail u...nor be your contact if that is what u are expecting...she will tell she did this and that...non specifically...everyone knows once u do research and add usce to ur increases your chances of interviewing...try to find your own path...rather that wasting your time in this forum asking ppl how they succeeded  
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* Re:multiple attempts
  docoo - 03/17/12 01:42
  Well said angelman1

Its amazing how people think if they do x, y, z because someone else does x, y, z, they'll get the same result. The best way is to actually venture out and do even more than what others are doing or realize.

Another thing is that people like to be spoon fed. Here vandam already stated exactly what he/she did. Yet queenidine is asking to be guided or given a link. No, how about you go online to harvard's website, and do what he/she has already stated, do even more, and you might even end up with a much better spot.

@Vandam, you have already given enough by giving city you matched in. No need to indulge the prog name, your PD, future colleagues and others could very well figure out who you are, be able to search old posts, and get information that may be incriminating to you as a person.
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* Re:multiple attempts
  queenidine - 03/17/12 09:55
  whoa docoo!!!!! that was pretty harsh...m/b sum ppl are not as smarty pants as you seem to be claiming yourself to be...

it's amazing too thta people ve all the time to butt into other ppl's businesses ...... if i am not to get reply from vandam then obviously the next best step for me wud be to go ahead and google up harvard....emailing 250 people is painstaking...cuz i've done that before...all i wanted is a narrower link....

dear doccoo..there're many kind of ppl who live in this world.....pls accept the fact....if you start breaking your head over why they are the way they are and try to change wud be a neverending crazy road for you just a healthy advice...stay away from it and make ur own business your business....

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