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* Match 2013 Facts
  imgmatch2013 - 07/24/12 11:50
  Well good luck to all of you applying for the match. This year it is going to specially tough for the IMG's even with connections or friends and double 250+ etc etc. No prematch means all community programs are going into the match...well most of the NY ones that I called are saying we will go into the match...imagine on march you get a mail that you did not match .

This is year there are 2500 additional US grads plus the carrib grads all going for IM,FM in a new trend...FOr IMG's it makes sense to apply to prelim surgery and other specialties .. so if anyone interested in Surg... please go will help
otw FM,PSY IM and peds...all branches are gonna have a mad competition right till February end. schedule your interviews cleverly...

as for me I am 245/251/220 2009 grad repeat applicant did not match last year got 13 ivs..was ranked at all 13 but did not match as all my programs did not offer pre-match...NEED 8 IM 2 Transitional year IVS and 3 PM&R....the match was really idiotic as i saw some cs attempters getting matched as they had GC..

This year I am applying again but I am cool as i have a well paying research job here in usa now
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* Re:Match 2013 Facts
  imgmatch2013 - 07/24/12 11:54
  Experience of other repeat applicants are if the fresh applicants needs any help in ERAS you can post it here or mail me at  
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* Re:Match 2013 Facts
  namrajput - 07/24/12 11:58
  does it negatively effects if you apply in too many programs and/or in different specialities?  
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* Re:Match 2013 Facts
  imgmatch2013 - 07/24/12 12:33
  too many programs ---NO
too many specialties-- depends on your CV..if you seem like a medicine man..a peds or a psych prgm wont invite you...tailor your cv
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* Re:Match 2013 Facts
  imgmatch2013 - 07/24/12 15:19
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* Re:Match 2013 Facts
  hitman047 - 07/24/12 15:34
  How many programs did you apply last year ?? were they university or community ??

out of the 8 IM interviews how many were from the community ones ??

how much did you have USCE when you applied ??

its very surprising you didnt match and will almost make others panic as we may have lesser scores than you ......

thank you
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* Re:Match 2013 Facts
  nuclear.embargo - 07/24/12 15:35
  2500 additional US grads ? Are you out of your mind ? Get your facts right dude. They ARE increasing the US med school enrollment but at the rate of 300-400 per year not 2500. lol . If you look at the IMG match rate at NRMP , It was 38 %, 41 % and 40 % in 2010, 2011 and 2012 respectively which is pretty stable. In fact in 2012 match the number of active US senior apllicants fell by 60 as compared to 2011 match. How about that ?  
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* Re:Match 2013 Facts
  hitman047 - 07/24/12 15:43
  yes even i heard 2012 was the most successful match for IMGs but the OPs post is very surprising .. not matching with those scores + 13 interviews ..... ??? any red flags ???  
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* Re:Match 2013 Facts
  nuclear.embargo - 07/24/12 15:49
  My cousin matched with 85 , 99 , CS in Peds at a University Program with just two IVs. No connections. How about that ? Surprising ?  
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* Re:Match 2013 Facts
  titanmd - 07/24/12 16:45
  How were your interviews, and how did you find out that you were ranked by the programs?

Very surprising that you didn't match to be honest.

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* Re:Match 2013 Facts
  imgmatch2013 - 07/24/12 16:46
  Well congrats to your cousin for matching in peds, i never applied in peds, I told in my first post i have seen a cs attempter match just because she had a GC, how about that..exceptions are always there I have done 3 months of obsie in uni of miami and mount sinai miami.

You are looking at the %age but take a look at the numbers and PARTICULARLY THE FACT OF THOSE IMG'S WHO WERE CARRIB IMG'S(us and canada) and visa requiring IMGS... and NRMP match stats dont include the pre match stats..which last year went mostly to caribb grads from USA and canada as they are eligible for pre-match.

I have no red flags in my application and all my interviews went great, few of the PD's even sent me a email,phone call, card etc stating they will rank me high etc.....the only red flag for me was that I got interviews from top places which did not offer prematch and were very competitive. In my IV's i had mostly met US grads or IMG's who had done MD at their country and were quite smart met 3 people from PGI, few AIIMS, MAMC, CMC etc. You can imagine what i was competing with.

I applied to around 220+ programs the list is so long, all comm and uni. programs which a typical img applies. Now where i am researching the NEW IMG's have started another useless rumour of J1 visa problem from India and the PD and PC are really apprehensive to hire new IMG's from India. Lol it all kinda sucks seeing them behave so idiotically.

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