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* Obamacare
  bashir25 - 11/11/12 13:59
  Can anyone explain this briefly please? If someone provide a nutshell would be appreciated.
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* Re:Obamacare
  missile - 11/11/12 14:08
  Please learn how to use the will need it in residency when you do literature searches and finding journals for morning rounds...use it...type this same question in yahoo/google and you will find all your answers. If still you have a question you can come back with specific questions..Think like a residency you need to half the work and someone will help with other half..can't expect anyone to spoon feed you. I'm saying this to make you think like resident. if you ask for help with how to draw blood, how to insert foley, how to insert central can't just come not knowing anything and expect your seniors to teach you from A to Z, no one has the time and few have the patience. Look online, atleast familiarize yourself with the equipment, watch videos on how to do it online, learn the steps on paper, then someone will help you do it practically. It makes you look prepared and makes them respect you more..and it shows you respect their time by not wasting it coming unprepared. This is important for residency that is why I am writing all this under your question.

The real name of "obamacare" is the patient protection and affordable care act..difference is same as shit vs stool and pee vs is layman's is professional term.
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* Re:Obamacare
  mapitoe - 11/11/12 15:37
  missile .... somehow i do not know whether you are male or female ...but i like your way of looking at things. One may think your post is provocative ... but the answer could not be any better.... with a link for that matter.. good job.. men...
keep up the helpful spirit
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* Re:Obamacare
  missile - 11/11/12 15:46
  female :)  
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* Re:Obamacare
  bashir25 - 11/11/12 15:52
  Wow, you acted so patronizing on my post. You proved you are a missile :)  
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* Re:Obamacare
  missile - 11/11/12 15:59
  haha as I said I wanted to show you how you will be treated as a resident. It'snot easy for some IMG's because you are not trained this way. This is not patronizing you will have attendings calling you out if you don't get things done or are not prepared and in front of all your other residents. Plus I spoon fed you by giving you a link to your question!!! :)  
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* Re:Obamacare
  missile - 11/11/12 16:03
  I heard an attending as a medical student ask the resident if they were on sedatives because they didn't respond on time, and another one called a resident stupid and useless...this is all ofcourse not allowed or condoned and if ever happens most don't complain in fear of having issues getting LOR for fellowship or looking like a's a tough why give anyone an excuse to make you look unprepared.

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* Re:Obamacare
  mapitoe - 11/11/12 16:35
Missile could not be any more helpful.
She even went as far as spoon feeding you with a link....
She took her time to inform you about the value of learning how to fish rather than begging for fish....My advice to you.....Follow the advice in her comment you.. will sure achieve more than just ..some losse information about abamacare.
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* Re:Obamacare
  mery - 11/11/12 17:27
  Statement from the AMA:

“The AMA remains committed to working on behalf of America's physicians and patients to ensure the law continues to be implemented in ways that support and incentivize better health outcomes and improve the nation's health care system.

“This decision protects important improvements, such as ending coverage denials due to pre-existing conditions and lifetime caps on insurance, and allowing the 2.5 million young adults up to age 26 who gained coverage under the law to stay on their parents' health insurance policies. The expanded health care coverage upheld by the Supreme Court will allow patients to see their doctors earlier rather than waiting for treatment until they are sicker and care is more expensive. The decision upholds funding for important research on the effectiveness of drugs and treatments and protects expanded coverage for prevention and wellness care, which has already benefited about 54 million Americans.

“The health reform law upheld by the Supreme Court simplifies administrative burdens, including streamlining insurance claims, so physicians and their staff can spend more time with patients and less time on paperwork. It protects those in the Medicare ‘donut hole,’ including the 5.1 million Medicare patients who saved significantly on prescription drugs in 2010 and 2011. These important changes have been made while maintaining our American system with both private and public insurers.”
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* Re:Obamacare
  captopril12 - 11/11/12 17:31
  thank you all of you bashir25 and missile  
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* Re:Obamacare
  mery - 11/11/12 17:34
  i ma not sure and since it is my observ and other ppl whom i am working with. generally doc are not happy with this. coz it forces doc to spend more time and resources on pts(and they are the one who must sacrifice to pay for such!?)....some say fm salary is going to go up...not the rest...imagine how bad it wud be for psych or other specialties who have to work harder and longer and c more pts at the same rate? these r wht most docs dont like abt it and it is not clear who is goin to pay for all this massive mandatory insurance/costs...well, hope they dont as for such crap argue! gl  
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