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  salina - 11/07/12 16:15
uncomplicated sinus infection amoxicilin 40 -50 mg/kg
septic arthiritis in child nafcilin iv and 3th. Generation cephalosporin
conjuntivitis gonococal ceftriaxone
chlamydia conjuntivitis erytromicin
gestational listeria ampi/genta
meningitis profilaxis rifampine, ceftraiaxone, ciprofloxacine
endometritis 9ana,neg and positive clinda micin, gentamicin
actinomyces oral cavity abscess penicillin
lyme less than 9 y/old amoxicilin 40 -50 mg/kg/dia tid for 21 days
lyme more than 9 years old doxicilin 100 mg bid for 21 days
lyme in children can not take amoxi or doxi cefuroxime or eritromicin 21 days/azytro. Early 1st stage
lyme stage 3 ceftriaxone of penicilin G for 14 - 21 days IV
HIV pneumocistis carini pneumonia trimetropin sulfamethoxazole
RMSF in adults and children doxycycline. Some prefer cloramphenicol for children
rhizopus infection. Mucormicosis amphotericin B plus surgical debridemnt ( both)
sifilis penicilin
sifilis patient allergic to peniciiin tetracicline or doxyxycxline
sifilis patient who is pregnant erytromycin
cat scrach…B. henselae 5 days azytromicin
cat scrach…B. henselae alternate tx; claritro, rifam. Smx,tmp 5 to 7 days
actinomyces israeli in diabetic patient high dose of penicilin or erythromycin 6 - 12 week
chemoprophylaxis of tuberculosis isoniazide plus pyridoxin for 9 months
alternative chemoprophylaxis fo Tb pyrazinamide plus rifampicin for 2 months
alternate chemo tb pt can not tolerate pzn rifampicine alone for 4 months
cytomegalovirus cholitis in HIV patient ganciclovir..alternativae is foscarnet
HIV lung cavity with nocardia (weak acid fast branch) trimetropin sulfamethoxazole
chlamydia in pregnant azytromicin one single dose
gonorrhea in pregnant same as in non pregnant: ceftriaxone plus eritro
HIV candida esophagitis ( disphagia) fluconazol 1- 2 weeks. Resistant strain: itraconzaol
HIV CMV esophagitis ( odynophagia) ganciclovir IV…alternative is forscarnet
ehrlichiosis doxycilin
RMSF in pregnant cloramphenicol
HIV profilaxis MAC if CD4 less than 50 azytromycin or claritromicin.Alt: rifabutin
HIV profilaxis histoplasm. in endemic and lss 100 CD4 itraconazol
febrile neutropenia. Usually pseudomona monotherapy: ceftazidime,cefepime,imipenem, mero
lyme prophylaxis in pregnant oral amoxicilin
gonorrhea pharingeal ciprofloxacin, ofloxacin, ceftriaxone (if not allerg to ceph)
cryptococal meningitidis amphotericine and flucitocine
chlamydia uretritis in men azithromycin (1 dose) or doxycylin
lyme. Early localized doxycilin due to risk of ehrlichiosis concomitat
lyme. Early diseminate or late lyme ceftraixone or cefotaxime
meningitis acute in older than 60 and inmunocompr. ceftraixone + vanco (pneumoresitant) + ampici (listeria)
meningitis in hospitalized or after neurosurgery staph aureus (vancomycin),pseudomona(ceftazidime)
nocardia Tx. and prevention: TMP SMX. Minocilin 2nd. Choice
malaria: general chemoprophylaxis cloroquine
malaria india pakistan banglad resistan to cloroquine mefloquine use as prophylaxis
malaria vivax and oval primaquine
malria treatment in areas resistant to cloroquine fansidar
nosocomial neumonias or neumonias in ventilated cephalosp. 4th gen: cefepime,ceftazidime. Pseudomone
pseudomone nosocomial infection dime, pime, imip/cilastin,cirpofloxa, aztreonam, tobra
nosocomial MRSA vancomycin
nosocomial anaerobs clindamycin
human bite amoxicilin/clavulanate
endocarditis in IV abuser: empiric treatment vancomycin and gentamicin
endocarditis in pat that is not iv abuser: empiric tx nafcilin iv and 3th. Generation cephalosporin
lyme pregnant,lactating or children amoxicilin
mycobacterium avium complex profilax if cd less 40 azytromycin
mycobacterium avium complex treatment claritro y etambutol
limb threating infection/ulcer in diabetic patient empiric:cefotetan or ampi/sub, or clinda+fluorquinolone
limb threating infection/ulcer in diabetic that no heal if empiric tx fail do vano (MRSA) and ticarcilin (pseudom)
babesiosis 2 regimens: quinine/clinda and atovaquone azytromicin
HIV diseminated histoplasmosis iv amphotericin B and lifelong itraconazole
shyphilis in pt allergic to penicilin docycilin or tetraciclin for 14 days
shyphilis pregnant patient allergic to penicilin eritromycin
neuroshypliis IV aqueous crystalline penicillin
pneumonia in cystic fibrosis children(severe=pseudom) penicilin antiseudomone (piperacilin) +aminogluc (genta)
pneumonia in cystic fibrosis children alternative to penicilin is cefalosporine (pime or dime)
pneumonia in adults suspectin pseudomona fluorquinolone: ciprofloxacine can be used istead aminog
pneumonia: cystic fibrosis children (no severe:staph) antiestaphilococal medication ( pseudomone and stphylo
HIV patient with cryptococal infection in SNC amphotericin B (IV) plus flucytosine….later: fluconazole
influenza a and b oseltamivir and zanamivir
influenza a and b in pt with asthma avoid zanamivir
influenza a amantadina and rimantidina
HIV and hepatitis B together lamivudine, efavirenz, tenofovir
pseudomembranous cholitis plus ileo rectal vancomycin plus oral vanco and iv metron
pneumonia in pt w/ bronchiectasia. Think pseudomone cefepime/dime
RSV infection in children rivabirin
CMV gastric ulcers in transplanted patient ganciclovir valganciclovir
meningitis for streptococcus pneumoniae vancomycin plus ceftriaxone and dexamethasone
african tick bite fever (mc ricketsial infection in human doxycilin
meningitis by listeria ampicilin
meningitis by listeria in pt allergic to penicilin smx. Tmp
necrotizing fasciitis by MRSA vancomycin
tuberculosis latent alternate treatments rifam and piraz for 2 months or rifamp for 4 months
tuberculosis latent . Recommended treatment isoniazide for 9 months
meningitis after neurosurgical procedures staphylo and pseudomone vancomycin and cefepime
brain abscess after otitis media.contiguous spread multibugs: ceftriaxone and metronidazol (empiric tx)
strep or staphilo shock toxic (foreign bodies) vancomicine mrsa and clindamycin
septic arthritis in rheumatic patiet (>90%staph aureus) nafci if sensitive or vanco if mrsna
osteomyelitis in sickle cell. Empiric treatment vancomycne and ceftriaxone (vanco for stap and cef sallmonella)
neuroshyphilis penicilin, if allergic, desensitization is mandatory
pneumonia: community aquiredd. Empiric tx ceftraixone plus azytromicin
gonococal infection diseminated: empiric tx ceftriaxone (pacific rim and hawaii strains are resistant to cirpfloxa
pneumonia by strep neumonia resistant to penicilin fluoroquinolones, also vanco and linezolid.
HIV pat with sudden lost of vision and pain. acute reitnal necrosis: herpez or varicella virus: intravenous acyclovir
cryptococal infection in transplanted patients flucytosine and ampho b are the best choices
candidemias (pt with catehters chronically) caspofungines
dermatophytosis terbinafine
clenched-fist injury of the hand( punch a mouth) ampicilin sulbactam (anaerob strepto, eikenella corrodens) IV
herpes simplex v. infection w/o systemic complication oral valacyclovir
herpez infection complicated with meningitis iv acyclovir
vancomycin resistant enterococus bacteria linezolid: risk of severe trombocitopenia
pyelonephritis empiric treatment in ambulatory pt oral levofloxacin if pt is compliant, if not compliant iv levofloxacin
cystitis uncomplicated tmp.smx, .Avoid tmp/smx in pyelonephritis due to resistance to tmp.
cat bite in a pt allergic to penicilin tmp. Sulfamethoxazole plus clindamycin (covaer past.strep and staph
cholangitis piperacilin/tazo or ampi/sulbact or ticar/clavul
cholangitis in allergic to penicilin patient aztreonam + metro …or cephalosp 3th generation +metronidazol
spontaneous bacterial peritonitis: e coli or strept cefotaxime doc, also piper/tazo or ampi/sulbact
divertriculitis ciprofloxacin plus metronidazol
dermatophytosis miconazol, ketokonazol, ekonazol
dermatophytosis ( nails and hair) itraconaqzol or terbinafine
dermatophytosis (nail and harir ) in children griseofulvine, since itra or terbinafien is not FDA approved for child
lyme: meningitis encephalitis ceftriaxone intravenous
lyme: only facial palsy can be treated with oral doxycilin
lyme; cardiac involvement ceftraiaxone intravenous
lyme arthritis: doxyciclin
brain abscess empiric tx. Cover gram +, gram -, anaero penicilin, cefalosp 3 th generation and metronidazol
brain abscess post traumatic or post neurosurgery has to cover staph aureus:oxa/nafc , if allergy or resistant; vanco
brain abscces in drug abuse or pt with shunts: staph resistant (MRSA) or staph epidermitis: go with vanco as 1s.choice
brain abscess with edema and midline shift beside antibiotic, use manitol and steroids

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