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* Here's list of ccs cases that u must know !
  sarra75 - 11/08/12 13:44
jaiganesh - 10/24/10 16:34

These are the cases you need to know how to manage inorder to make your CCS exam pass with no difficulties. Note that since the USMLE prohibits distribution of its CCS examination cases, I will not in any form tell you that these cases were obtained from previous people who examined nor I will tell you that you will face them in your exam. I will only advice you to master them as you know your name.


Sunday, February 28, 2010

Common cases asked in CCS

1. DKA
2. Pulmonary embolism
3. Endometrial carcinoma
4. 1 day old Newborn Down’s baby presenting with vomiting/ Duodenal Atresia
5. Motor vehicle accident with splenic rupture
7. TIA
8. Acute Hepatitis A
9. Secondary Hypertension, Hypokalemia – adrenal mass
10. Minimal change disease: Child had scrotal swelling.
11. Constitutional growth delay in african american kid
12. Pericarditis
13. VSD
14. Acute MI
15. Osteoprosis with compression fractures
16. Gastritis secondary to NSAIDs use
17. New Onset DM type II
18. Pregnancy
19. Anaphylaxic reaction/ Shock
20. Adrenal Mass/ Hyperldosteronsim/ Hypokalemia/ Young woman presenting with leg cramps & weakness
21. Heat Stroke
22. Ovarian Teratoma
23. Inflammatory Bowel disease
24. Vaginal Bleeding secondary to Fibroids requiring hysterectomy. ( Woman 44 y/o)
25. cervical cancer
26. Turners syndrome
27. UTI/Sepsis – 76 Y/o woman sent from NH for evaluation of altered mental status
28. Hepatic encephalopathy
29. Acute Cholecystitis
30. G6PD deficiency
31. Constipation, hypercalcemia, primary hyperparathyroidism
32. Pregnancy with asymptomatic bactiriuria
33. Back pain due to osteoporotic fracture – compression fracture
34. Bipolar disorder
35. Plulmonary embolism
36. Abdominal Anuersym Rupture presenting with backpain/ No Hypotension at presentation – Vitals stable, so you can get CT scan and then surgery consult.
37. Chalymadia trochmatis (in a male)/ Non gonococcal urethritis
38. Erosive esophagitis/ GERD
39. Panic Attack
40. Acute Asthma Attack – 14 Y/O female with wheezing, Sob
41. Obesity in a teenager
42. Toxic Shock syndrome/ Tampon use
43. Hyperglycemia/ new onset DM Type
44. fracture neck of femurs – 75 y/o female fell and sustained right hip fracture – Ortho consult, ORIF, fall prevention, hip protection devices, Osteoporosis screening, DVT prophylaxis
45. HIV with pcp and lymphoma
46. child abuse with sub dural hemorrhage
47. Tylenol overdose
48. Heat Stroke
49. Acute PID
50. Tricyclic Overdose {40 y.o. Arab male with no history known brought in the ER by a neighbour with uncounciousness and unresponsive state – he had some depression as per neighbour (TCA TOXICITY)}
51. Acute pancreatitis
52. Child with intusussception
53. Woman with multiple sclerosis ( comes with weakness and has nystagmus on neuron exam)
54. Septic pulmonary emboli in IVD abuser.
55. Stable Angina
56. SLE
57. Pregnancy in a 44yr old women: CVS, amniocentesis for karyotyping
58. Bacterial Meningitis in an infant
59. Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
60. Anemia secondary to colon cancer
61. Alzheimer’s Disease(had to rule out other causes of dementia before making the diagnosis)
62. 50 + y.o. M with epigastric pain (erosive gastritis, had h/o long term NSAID use) – Has age criteria for EGD.
63. 40 y.o. M with IVDA and SOB with fever (Infective Endocarditis)
64. 4 yo. F with ANA +ve Arthritis
65. 50 + y.o. F with high BP in office
66. 50 + y.o. F with Renal failure and family h/o ADAPKD, HIGH K+
67. Acute manic disorder
68. UTI with 12 week prenancy
69. chid abuse
70. acute diarrhea
71. Acute MI
72. CHILD ABUSE : 2 y/0 AA boy was brought with lethargy, CXR revealed multiple posterior rib fractures and CT head subdural hematoma —Child abuse, call child protection services and social work consult
73.) Eclampsia… presented with seizures and peripheral edema at 38 weeks pregnancy.( Magnesium sulfate, induce delivery, if still seizure – follow status protocol)
74) Uncontrolled DM type 2 – came with increased thirst and urination
75) HIV in a 25 y/o f with multiple partners – came with weightloss, fatigue and cough. Do HIV test, viral load, genotyping. Then cd4 count.
76) Acute pericarditis.
77). Right upper quadrant pain, cxr – pneumonia – right lower lobe – community acqd pneumonia
78) Dysfunctional uterine bleeding
79) Polymyalgia rheumatica
80) Trauma patient with cardiac tamponade
81) Pancreatic ca, old man with fatigue, weightloss – exam shows icterus – go ahead with CT
82) 9mos old baby with fever unknown cause all tests including cbc are negative ( Roseolum infantum)erythema infectiosum/fifth disease; exanthema subitum/sixth disease.
83) hypothyroidism in a man
84) Post menopausal bleeding in a woman not on HRT/ benign endometrial hyperplasia
85) cystitis
86) septic arthritis
87)gastric carcinoma
88)incomplete abortion
89)Atrial fibrillation
90) Diverticulitis
91) Dehydration/ Hypernatremia
92. 20 month old african american boy brought for fatigue and lethargy to office/ Fe deficiency
93. Acute Bacterial Prostatitis
94. ALL in a 5 year old/ 5 yr. old boy who came with weakness, disinterest in activity and lesion on leg.
95. Acute pericarditis – rx ( make sure to do echo, dont do unnecessary pericardiocentesis if there is mild to moderate pericarditis with out clinical or echocardiographic evidence of tamponade)
96. Osteoarthritis of the Knee ( if there is large joint effusion, always do arthrocentesis)
98. Congestive heart failure in a post-op patient ( make sure they are not giving too much IV fluids in post op setting, I/O monitoring, daily weights, lasix, 2d echo, r/o MI, EKG, CXR, BNP – Lasix, if flash pulm edema, give morphine)
99. Hypercalcemia/ renal mass ( likely RCC) – Elderly man presenting with fatigue
100) Complete Heart Block - Woman coming with Motor Vehicle Accident/ only minor injuries on the arm , Vitals reveal Heart rate 38. - EKG shows complete Heart block
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* Re:Here's list of ccs cases that u must know
  mollamolly - 11/08/12 14:15
  Thank u soooooooooooo much  
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* Re:Here's list of ccs cases that u must know
  sublimation - 11/09/12 10:18 you have these 100 solved cases.?? thanks  
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* Re:Here's list of ccs cases that u must know
  sarra75 - 11/09/12 10:25

Most of the cases are discussed in uw.
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* Re:Here's list of ccs cases that u must know
  sarra75 - 11/09/12 10:27
  more cases
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* Re:Here's list of ccs cases that u must know
  sublimation - 11/09/12 10:54
  @sarra75.........thank you  
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* Re:Here's list of ccs cases that u must know
  resi_hopeful - 11/10/12 15:35
  keep it going guys  
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* Re:Here's list of ccs cases that u must know
  sarra75 - 11/15/12 13:47
  ss83 - 11/14/12 13:16

these were my ccs cases:
1)asthma exacerbation (8 min case)
2) small bowel obstruction in 3 month old child (8 min case)
3) trichomonas vaginalis and rape (65 yr. old lady)
4) prostitis
5) syncope in 31 yr. old: echo and worked up show Hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy (should have done Implantable Cardiac defibralator) but Iput in valve replacement because areas was less than 1 cm. I think I did valvuloplasty. I could not find any valve repair
6) Sever combine immunodeficiency: 4 yr. old presented with sore throat: step was negative, mono negative, I did all kind of workup: treated symptomatically for candida esophagitis because was found to have thrush of oropharynx; patient got better
7) TIA
8) nisseria meningitis
9) aortic dissection ( mine said proximal aortic dissection)
10) DKA in male
11) PE: pt with colon cancer admitted for pneumonia had tachypneas and shortness of breath
12) Ischemic colitis (in elderly person)
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* Re:Here's list of ccs cases that u must know
  sarra75 - 11/15/12 13:51
pth - 03/02/12 15:27

1- Back pain case with prostate metastatic
2- Neutropenia fever in chemotherapy patient.
3- A lady present in the ER with severe headache, did all the stuff but she was not getting better so I did depression index later and it showed that it was depression because she was having headache and she was crying a lot.

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* Re:My CCS cases
pth - 03/02/12 15:39

1- Polymyalgia rheumatica

2- Ovarian complex mass forget to write procedure name

3- Influenza infection in an old lady ...admitted her unnecessary

4- Chronic subdural hematoma ....forget to order CT on first screen

5- Foreign body in a child lung ....diagnose late

6- Heart failure ....valvular problem unable to treat properly and didn’t write the tx name

7-PID ....order culture late, give antibiotic late after an hour

8-Sigmoid Diverticulitis ......put colonoscopy blunder

9-Child Hypoglycemia ..... diagnose later and didn’t rule out congenital problem associated with a child of a diabetic mother.
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* Re:Here's list of ccs cases that u must know
  sarra75 - 11/15/12 13:59
  By the way , if you have a patient with hyperkalemia and chest pain , DO NOT prescribe lisinopril. I know sounds obvious but not when u are in a prometric center.....  
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* Re:Here's list of ccs cases that u must know
  maradam - 08/30/13 22:58
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