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* Mtb second edition
  afshin2007 - 11/25/12 23:07
  Is MTB second edition really different than the first edition?
Can anyone send me the PDF of MTb second edition?
Does anybody have any experience with first aid ? Is it good?
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* Re:Mtb second edition
  anterior2dasuperior - 11/26/12 01:06
  2nd edition to MTB Step 3 is really good, it is slightly different than the first edition as the first edition had quite a few mistakes and an errata addition was created to address the mistakes. Its not that expensive if you get it online, its about double the price if you get in the bookstore. I bought my at B& and I think it was $25.

First Aid is pretty good but not as good as MTB. One thing good about FA is that there are a large number of CCS cases in the back that aren't profound in their workup but good to go through, MTB doesn't have anything like this. A problem with FA is the most recent edition, 3rd ed., I think came out in 2010, so an update is needed, but it still is a good book.

I have the pdf for FA 3rd ed and I have MTB 1st ed.

A pdf does not exist online for MTB 2nd edition, it doesn't exist. When you buy this book online, there is no option for a Kindle or Nook file and there's no pdf option. The only way that there would be a pdf somewhere online would be if someone in the last 6 months took hours upon hours to scan the book personally just to be altruistic and email it free to the world, and this hasn't happened. I've noticed that people on this forum seem to think that the latest edition to all books and videos must exist, but the truth is they do not. If someone has scanned it, they usually won't give it for free and it has probably been scanned for other reasons, not to just give away for free.

I am thinking about finding a way to scan my book before I mark in it simply because I would like to have a pdf of it and the only way I could have a pdf of it is to scan it myself or pay for people to do it, but most places have to rip the binding off. I have quite a few new books that I want to get scanned, but there is no easy, cheap way to do so.

My advice is to just buck up like everyone else and buy it online, you might be able to find some online coupons since its holiday season. It is definitely worth $25, IMO. Best of luck studying!
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* Re:Mtb second edition
  afshin2007 - 11/26/12 17:59
  Thank you. That's exactly the reason I asked for the PDF . B and N has a nook version but you can just read it . I think you can't annotate it as regular PDF fils  
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* Re:Mtb second edition
  drkamalusmle - 11/27/12 06:10
  hi anteriordasuperior
kindly,will u email me the FA
for step 3, 3rd edition,pleaaaase!
my email

thxxx in advance
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* Re:Mtb second edition
  chemistry - 11/27/12 11:06
  But mtb in B&N is 30 some dollors how come bought it for 25 bucks?

Also, is there a big difference b2 ween 2 and 3 edition of these books?
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* Re:Mtb second edition
  anterior2dasuperior - 11/29/12 17:36
  Hey drkamalusmle,

I sent you FA for Step 3 3rd ed and MTB 1st ed a month or two ago, you got it right?

You posted in a different forum that regarded these 2 books and I sent them to over 100 people. If you need me to resend let me know, but I sent them already.

I also have a First Aid folder of 27 FA books for all the steps and IM boards, EM boards, Ob-gyn clerkship, for the Match, if you want that folder LMK,

Take Care!
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* Re:Mtb second edition
  afshin2007 - 11/29/12 20:22
  Hi anterior2dasuperior,

Why don't you send me the first aid for step 3? I mean the third editionThanks a lot .
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* Re:Mtb second edition
  atlantadoc - 11/29/12 23:54
  Can i get a pdf version of FA 3rd edition too?

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* Re:Mtb second edition
  imgkeerti - 12/02/12 15:28
  If you need video lectures of step 1,2 or 3

Please contact
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* Re:Mtb second edition
  drkamalusmle - 12/04/12 11:40
  Hi anterior2dasuperior
I did not receive FA for step 3 ,3rd edition , or mtb,,kindly if u can send it me , also if possible FA for IM and for match

many thxxxx in advance
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* Re:Mtb second edition
  scientifix - 12/04/12 12:52
  Hi anterior2dasuperior

Can you please send me a copy of FA, IM boards, EM boards, Wards and the rest of books that will help me for Internship...

Thank you in advance
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