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* UWORLD Assessment #2
  fa2013ismylife - 03/22/13 18:40
  I just scored a 211.

How accurate is this based on the information the majority of you have read about.

My exam is 7 days away.

I will take NBME# 15 in two days, but I failed the USMLE Step 1 one year ago...I fell into depression for almost the entire last year.

The fear/panic inside of me is driving me insane. I wish I had studied harder this past year. I only started studying frivolously this past month.

I hope this at least gets me a pass. Ive been on this exam for too damn long. Its time for me to get this over with.

I hope this was positive for me.
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* Re:UWORLD Assessment #2
  reachkvr - 03/22/13 19:15
  Y don't u give an NBME ......
U world assessment is not a good predictor over estimates
U should minus atleast 20 for real score
Work on ur weak points
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* Re:UWORLD Assessment #2
  glory7 - 03/22/13 20:25
  Keep going, whatever mistakes you made in assessment, mark it and review it with first aid. That's what I'm doing now.

You can do it... my friends with the scores in that range did well on step 1. Stay strong friend.
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* Re:UWORLD Assessment #2
  fa2013ismylife - 03/23/13 08:51

I will sit on the NBME tomorrow or Monday, and let you guys know how I did.


Thanks so much for the support and motivation...wherever you are in the world I hope God blesses you with the same opportunities we all have.

Thanks so much. I will work extra hard today based off your spirit, I really appreciate it.
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* Re:UWORLD Assessment #2
  glory7 - 03/23/13 08:54
  Same to you fa2013. God will bless us.  
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* Re:UWORLD Assessment #2
  fa2013ismylife - 03/25/13 17:48

I just sat NBME 15 and hit a 207 (440). For the longest time I felt like an idiot but nothing is impossible.

I know this isnt what most people expect to see but for me it is satisfactory enough for me to go into this exam on Friday.

Thank you for the motivational words two days ago.

Now to go over these anwers and see where I made my mistakes.

I hope the day of the exam I can squeeze this up to a 210-220.
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* Re:UWORLD Assessment #2
  vidya23p - 03/25/13 18:00
  @fa2013ismylife - i can totally relate to you :)
May God lead you and the rest of us through our exam.
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* Re:UWORLD Assessment #2
  fa2013ismylife - 03/25/13 18:16
  To everyone who want to succeed on this exam, you must study.

Cut out the people in your life who distract you.

People are not evil, its just hard to juggle friendships and take in bullshit information everyday.

I would study for 7 hours a day while filling my mind with useless information from the internet, pretending to care about studying and party my ass off while smoking weed everyday.

This is not the way to study.

You must make it a routine and wake up each and every morning remembering what you studied the night before.

The more you get used to these simple things, the easier it comes when the last few weeks tell you its time for your exam.

To those who are 1-2 months out, you have all the time in the world. You just cant waste a single moment and think Ive studied enough.. .becuase if I could go back 5 weeks, I would study 2x harder. If I had 2-3 months I would probably be scoring a 230-240.

Im glad for the first time in so long I was able to hit something positive. Its one of the best feelings inside to know that hard work pays off.

I hope to GOD that this score correlates to my exam on Friday and I will do whatever I can to constantly remind myself that you put in the work, so go get the results you want.

A simple pass is enough for me, but for the rest of you still studying for this exam, shoot for the stars and get that 230... nothing is impossible with hard work.
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* Re:UWORLD Assessment #2
  vidya23p - 03/25/13 18:29
  thanks and good luck :)  
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* Re:UWORLD Assessment #2
  glory7 - 03/25/13 18:43
  Believe in God, believe in yourself. With God all things are possible. Philippians 4:13.

I'm glad it helped you. Give me a prayer too as well.
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* Re:UWORLD Assessment #2
  glory7 - 03/25/13 18:45
  I spoke to an advisor and he said yes you can definitely pull your grade up on test day. Just don't panic if you see a hard question. Mark and move on to the next question. You want to knock out all the easy ones out first. If time permitting go back to the hard one. There will be pointless experimental questions so don't be surprised.

So keep going, good luck.
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