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* nbme 15 discussion
  dreddy - 03/24/13 15:18
  Anyone who has taken nbme 15 we can start a post to discuss questions that came on the exam! Post questions, answers and explanations... Hoping this can help the people who are taking the exam soon!  
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* Re:nbme 15 discussion
  brainteaser - 03/24/13 21:36
  A. endoderm  
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* Re:nbme 15 discussion
  brainteaser - 03/24/13 21:41
  A 69-year-old man with benign prostatic hyperplasia develops urinary retention 1 day after undergoing removal of a melanoma. After catheterization, a drug is
administered that increases phosphoinositide turnover in the smooth muscle cells of the bladder fundus but has no effect on nicotinic synapses. This drug is most likely
which of the following?
A) Atropine
B) Bethanechol
C) Neostigmine
D) Succinylcholine
E) Trimethaphan
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* Re:nbme 15 discussion
  brainteaser - 03/24/13 21:43
A study is conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of cough medication in children. A total of 120 patients under the age of 12 years who have been diagnosed with a viral
upper respiratory tract infection are randomly selected to receive dextromethorphan or no treatment. The participants were recruited from several emergency departments
in an urban area Parents complete a rating scale for their children’s cough at baseline and I day after receiving dextromethorphan or nothing The resufts show a
statistically significant improvement in cough scores for patients receiving dextromethorphan (p=O.04) compared with children receiving no treatment Which of the
following is the most significant limitation to the internal validity of this study?
A) Lack of blinding between groups
B) Limited number of participants
C) Marginal statistical significance
D) Study location limited to only emergency departments
E) Subjective nature of the survey instrument
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* Re:nbme 15 discussion
  dreddy - 03/24/13 21:49
  endoderm...explanation please?  
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* Re:nbme 15 discussion
  dreddy - 03/24/13 21:52
  for the 69 yr old man with BPH i put neostigmine and it was wrong...what did you put?  
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* Re:nbme 15 discussion
  dreddy - 03/24/13 21:55
  i put study location limited to only ER (that was WRONG)  
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* Re:nbme 15 discussion
  brainteaser - 03/24/13 21:59
  i wrote for BPH SUCCINYLCHOLINE and the same ans for the last one. The ans is A for the last one mentioned else where in the forum.

Endoderm forms the inner lining of
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* Re:nbme 15 discussion
  dreddy - 03/24/13 22:02
  why is it succinycholine?  
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* Re:nbme 15 discussion
  dreddy - 03/24/13 22:05
  A 23 year old nulligravida F comes to the physician bc she has been unable to conceive for 1 year. Physical and pelvic exam show no abnormalities. Hysterosalpingograms are shown. This patient has which of the following ( A picture was given)

blockage of both fallopian tubes
blockage of left "" only
blockage of right "" only
rupture of the left fallopian tube only
" right "
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* Re:nbme 15 discussion
  dreddy - 03/24/13 22:06
  Thanks did you think this nbme was?  
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